[Rejected] Aurora Ukraine November

Hi @ell @Alex_J
I’m Robert , I am representing NEAR Protocol to the Ukrainian speaking area.


We are a strong Ukranian team of community managers, editors and have many contacts with Ukranian influencers (Youtube, Twitter, Instagram) and other Ukranian communities. We have a very large team and everyone has great experience in working with marketing for cryptocurrency startups and projects. Members of our team collaborated, made infographics for projects such as: Near, Ondo, Invarch and others

Below I will attach some infographics and videos made by our team members


What problem is the proposal solving?

In Ukraine there are many creators, developers and investors that are interested in cryptocurrencies. Over 5.5 million people currently hold crypto assets in the Ukraine-speaking area. There is really a high potential for the cryptocurrency market in the Ukraine-speaking area. As there is no Ukraine Aurora community we want to create a Ukraine Guild because we think that there is a high potential for Aurora too.

How is the problem being solved?

We plan to create a Ukraine Aurora community. At the beginning we will focus mainly on Youtube, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter and Medium. We plan to do the following tasks:

  • Create a Ukraine Aurora Twitter account where the latest news about Aurora are shared in Ukraine
  • Create a Ukraine Aurora Medium account where Ukranian articles about Aurora are shared (5 Ukranian articles)
  • Grow the community by inviting people from existing Ukrainian community groups and doing promotions
  • Make Twitter posts with 3d graphics and Instagram reels . An average of at least 1-2 tweets are posted per day
  • Make YouTube videos in Ukrainian
  • Get in contact with influencers

After the first month we can add further tasks like AMA sessions with other Ukranian communities, create videos/interviews with Ukranian Youtubers. The tasks will be adjusted on your requirements and on the growth of the community. But experience has shown that the tasks listed above are appropriate to start a local community.

Expected impact / metrics

  • 300-400 members on Instgram
  • 400-500 members on Twitter
  • Support in Ukranian language
  • Latest news are shared on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram
  • 5 Ukrainian articles about Aurora
  • YouTube videos in Ukrainian

Funding details:

  • Twitter + Instagram = $600(Twitter posts with 3d graphics and Instagram reels . An average of at least 1-2 tweets are posted per day)
  • 5 Ukranian articles about Aurora on Medium (90$ for each article) : 400$
  • Yotube : 4 Videos X $120 = $480
  • Telegram moderation = $400

Total costs for November: 1880 USDT

NEAR Wallet ID: nearukraine.near

> For KYC purpose:

Near Wallet ID: nearukraine.near
Name: Yaroslav
Telegram handle: @workaholic4real
Email: anatolijgasaj7@gmail.com

hi, nice to meet you here :slight_smile:

we, Aurora community, have an amazing Aurora Eastern Europe
feel free to join, contribute and participate in their endless list of activities :green_heart:


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Hello @johanga , thank you for the invitation, but we see that you are making content in Russian, and we would like to promote social networks in Ukrainian :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:

it’s not about me (i’m a part of Aurora India Guild, not Eastern Europe :slight_smile: )
and in India there’re 28 government languages with 2 main: English and Hindi, and both of them are used in our social, I mean there’re translations of articles as well as unique content in English that is posted on every social media,
and when we’ll meet the author who can write one more language - we’ll definitely onboard him and include one more type of translation :green_heart:


Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.
Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.

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