[Report] Ukrainian community

Hello Aurorians.

This is the first report on Aurora UA guild which was created on 14.10.2022
Today we are exactly a month!

For now it’s just a telegram channel + telegram chat

Telegram channel for a month - 43 posts + 92 participants

Telegram chat - 67 participants

Had 1 Giveaway in which we raffled off 10 $AURORA.

Plans for the next month :

  1. 1 or 2 AMA sessions a month

  2. Consider any activity like Giveaways

  3. Creating Twitter and actively maintaining this social network, as this social network can give a good influx of audience.


Thinking about creating Discord, reasoned by the fact that in Discord there are a lot of bots, which can be entertaining and help retain an audience. As well as to create game rooms where Ukrainian community will be able to unite there.

Would be glad to have cooperation with Eastern Europe guild, as Ukraine is also Europe.

Also we would be glad to have any co-operations with projects in the Aurora ecosystem.

Request: We would like to be present at this statistic too.

The team which works with the Ukrainian community

@Plufix - search for new connections, making up contests, moderating Telegram channel

@Murcaluda - translation of texts, news publishing, moderation of chat

Thanks also to @Tolmindev for the pictures for social networks

Thank you all for reading, I’ll introduce you!)