Dear Aurora Community,

Cc @ell @Alex_J

I am Rahul from India and currently working as a Community Moderator(Telegram, Discord, and Reddit) for NEAR Protocol. I have been active in the crypto community for the last 2 years and am one of the councils in the Merchants Of NEAR Guild, a community of professional NEAR traders and learners.

What problem is the proposal solving?
Reddit is one of the best cryptocurrency discussion platforms. Currently, we can see that Aurora Communities are present on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter but we are missing Aurora Reddit.
As a solution, we are building the Aurora Reddit Community.

How is the problem being solved?
We will be posting regular updates about news, events, and educational stuffs related to Aurora and its ecosystem. We will be organising different events and AMAs with different projects.

We are planning to start the Aurora Reddit Community in August without any funding. We will be focusing on starting the Reddit account first and inviting members to join and engage.
We will be posting our first funding proposal with details in September with some metrics. So, for the remaining ten days, we will be sharing and posting various posts about upcoming events and updates on various Aurora Ecosystem projects.

@Kv9990: Community Moderator | NEAR Concierge Team for the past 10 months and one of early members of Aurora Community.

Our Social Link: Aurora Reddit


Thanks for your enthusiasm.