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where sports and decentralization meets.


Hello AURORA Community, it’s been a great privilege having to know and work within the NEAR Ecosystem and now expanding towards the AURORA Community. We (ITrend INC.) hope the AURORA Community buys into our idea and help us bring this to reality and by doing so, making AURORA a household name both within and outside Africa.

ITrend INC. is a future online decentralized Sport-Betting platform, which will be built on the AURORA Chain where sports fans get to earn some rewards for placing Bets on their favourite games such as football, horse racing, casinos, tennis, cricket, to mention a few. It was created by RealVibes and Jeromemrys, with the sole aim of building a relationship between sports and blockchain, making both athletes and sports fans see the need to embrace decentralization and learn about crypto-currency, while having fun placing bets on their favourite sports.

How will ITrend Build A Relationship Between Sports and Blockchain

  1. Sports-Blockchain Events (AURORA, NEAR and its Ecosystems).
  2. Sports and Fitness DAO (DAO under AURORA).
  3. Sports-Blockchain Betting Platform (Decentralized).

While these 3 options (above) are future events, ITrend INC. would like to create awareness within the social media space, before carrying out these events.

How ITrend INC. Tends To Reach Out To More Communities Within and Outside Africa.

  • Functional social media handles: These social media handles include; Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, Medium, Facebook, Website, Discord, Github (Future Project, App Dev.).

Note: Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Linkedin are of most importance.

  • Social media management/moderation: These would include 3 moderators. Also, these social media communities would include educational contents such as quizzes, trivials, tasks, content creation competition, meme competition, these would help to enlighten the world at large about AURORA and the relationship between Sports and Blockchain using the ITrend Platform.

  • Collaboration with Sports Influencers. Who are Influencers? (Influencers are people of notable reputation on social media, who command a lot of engagements on their social media platforms due to the large number of Community Members they have and the kind of content they put out too). So partnering with Sports Influencers both within and outside Africa, would help ITrend have a large Community Members too and Everything AURORA will be discussed.


•These Influencers will talk about the AURORA Project, Near Protocol, and the relationship between Blockchain and Sports using the ITrend INC. Platform.

•Also, by collaborating with these Influencers, the following success is bound to happen:

√ increase in Organic Community members on our social media pages such as (Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Meduim etc).

√ More marketing goals for the Aurora Project Through cross-promotion.

√ Brand awareness for both ITrend and AURORA.

√ Discovering new contents to boost the ITrend and AURORA project

•The above events will span for at least 2 months and monthly reports shall be submitted on the forum with proof of receipts, photos, videos as these events are carried out.

•Growth and engagements within the ITrend Social Media Platforms will be tracked and reported on the Forum.

These Social Media Handles include:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ItrendSportsINC

Medium: ITrend Sports INC – Medium

Telegram: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Team Members for now Include:
@RealVibez (UI/UX Designer)
@Jeromemrys (Community Lead)
@Ayothecreator (Content Lead)

Estimated amount for these Online/Social Media Events to take place = $3000 in Aurora

@ell @Alex_J @Mohamad_76



Since the beginning of blockchain, the sports sector has not earned a wide paw with blockchain more reason we at i-trend are determined in getting decentralization involved with the sport which could lead to a lot of adoption of aurora networks.

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This is an awesome idea TBH

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I agree sport is one of the tools that bring people together but this is a short term collaboration as people will be in touch till the end of the event. My questions are

  1. How do you plan on creating a community from both players and spectators
  2. is their plans on building this gambling app on AURORA and making it full decentralized
  3. which otjer ideas have you created to make sure players come in to learn not just for the rewards of competition
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Here at ITrend INC. these are the ways we plan on building a Community of both Players and Spectators:
• ITrend Social Media pages would be available for everyone who is interested in the competition to follow (Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, etc… Also, these pages won’t just be dormant for sure or only be active when we wanna host a competition; we will follow up these pages with educational contents about Crypto Currency, Near, Aurora, NFTs, everything that has to do with Blockchain. AMA Sessions will be held too. Remember, it’s not everybody on our page that are interested in participating in sports, some just wanna place their Bets, learn about Crypto Currency and how the ITrend project is gonna come about, so all these will be done via our Social Media Handles, and by so doing, with consistency, we would build a large Community that can accommodate everybody, both the Players, Spectators, and Those interested in Crypto Currency and the Bets.

• Yes!. The whole idea of ITrend INC Sports-Betting Platform, is to build the project on the Aurora chain. Before anyone would be able to sign up to this Platform, they must own a Near Wallet, fund the wallet with the minimum amount of Near/Aurora, then place their Bets on their favorite sport games. It’s also decentralized, unlike other sport betting platform, where your funds can be held, if you win Big!, Here at ITrend, no one would hold your funds, all you would need to clear your payment is your Password/SeedPhrase, depending on the mode of security the user decides to use, and you’re good to go.

• Thirdly, ITrend INC. will also host online/offline events within and outside Africa, it doesn’t necessarily need to be about sport competition all the time. We could host a collaborative events with some Major Leagues around the world, and get them involved with what we are trying to build, also teach them about the Near/Aurora project, get them onboarded too. Also help them to also see the need to sell their tickets as NFTs on the Aurora chain to reduce Monopoly. ITrend would also sponsor these leagues, and make sure their players earn part of their salaries in Aurora, hence helping the Aurora Community too and the ITrend project.
@RealVibez could also chip in something.

Hello @Jeromemrys
Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now

Good day Alex, maybe the proposal was a little faulty, since it didn’t start with [Proposal]. I just got to learn about it like right now, would make a correction right away.
ITrend INC. isn’t asking for a Grant like RIGHT NOW!!, As it’s clearly stated in the above post. There were 3 options listed above, and the Sports-Betting Platform was the Last.

• The first option was the Sport Event that would span for at least 3 months and more
• Second option was AURORA/ITREND Sport DAO within the AURORA Community.
So the Sports-Betting Platform isn’t supposed to happen now, as we know we would need time to grow our community, onboard more people into the Ecosystem, convince the whole AURORA Community that the project is Visible for the future. We ain’t expecting Aurora to go ahead and give us a Grant right away, like… it’s not even possible. The above 2 options would create an awareness for ITrend and Aurora both within and outside the community before we could think of building any Project.
Note: the Sports-Betting Platform in the Future will be built on the Aurora Chain also. @ell @RealVibez

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Awesome ! Thank you :blush:


Appreciate :pray:

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Good day @Alex_J @ell
Concerning a lot being said ITrend INC(sports betting platform ), existed as part of the roadmap for the future, its plans were set in place not until after the adoption of the aurora sport Dao and the aurora sports events which would span for a couple of three months. Adoption of the Aurora sport dao in conjunction with the 3 months event would bring a whole a lot of awareness to the aroura network through sports activities and social media community growth of the Aurora sport dao I would appreciate if the proposal is relooked into and giving Itrend the opputuritnity to be a proud based product of the aurora networks

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I think this alone shows you would have had social media pages or group for your DAO.

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@ell @Alex_J @Mohamad_76
Please Check out the new proposal from ITrend, made a few corrections. Thanks

Hi @Jeromemrys Thank you for tagging me :clap:

I am not a member of the council to decide on the proposal
I think this suggestion can be useful in the future Therefore, you can ask @ell and @Alex_J to check again

Have a nice day!


Never knew… when I saw your Mentions, I thought you were part of the council. But nevertheless, thanks :v:


thanks bro :pray:

have a nice day!


Please check out the New Proposal and corrections we’ve made.

We both would appreciate it if the proposal is looked into again a lots of modifications have been made to it @ell @Alex_J

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I think creating a new proposal will be better as this has been rejected.

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