Transitioning Aurora Community to Near Digital Collective: Empowering Decentralization and the Vitality of Community in the Aurora Ecosystem

The Aurora Community stands at the heart of the vibrant Aurora ecosystem, embodying collaboration, shared values, and a collective vision. With the transition towards becoming a Near Digital Collective, the community embraces decentralization and a new governance stage.

Within the Aurora ecosystem, the community is the backbone, providing support, resources, and collaboration opportunities for individuals and projects. It is a space where ideas are shared, expertise is cultivated, and partnerships are formed. The community acts as a bridge between different stakeholders, fostering connections between developers, users, investors, and enthusiasts. This interconnectedness strengthens the ecosystem’s resilience and enhances its ability to adapt, innovate, and thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

The transition of the Aurora Community to the Aurora Community WG as a part of Near Digital Collective (NDC) marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards decentralization. By adopting this model, the community distributes decision-making authority and power among its members, empowering individuals and promoting a more inclusive governance structure. The decentralization movement allows for greater autonomy, participation, and accountability, ensuring that the community evolves with transparency, fairness, and collective intelligence.

:green_heart: Next steps:

  1. Please join the NDC Aurora Community DAO working group Telegram: Join Group Chat. This chat is focused on Aurora Community and Ecosystem development under NDC. We are looking for leaders who are willing to be a champion in the WG. Founding leaders: Igboze, TechDir, DK, Johanga. Aurora WG mods team: Sam, Ros. Thanos. I will provide comprehensive curating support and mentorship.

  2. Please join the NDC RC DAO working group. RC DAO is a working group of Near/Aurora Ecosystem leaders, founded by me, AVB, and Shreyas (NF) in Q4 2022 to support regional development; since April 2023, RC DAO admins have participated in reviewing proposals on the Near Governance forum. Currently, RC DAO is a part of Marketing DAO (financially), but aims to be an independent grassroots DAO in v1 NDC. RC DAO leaders: Igboze (Aurora Africa leader), Ola (Aurora Native leader), James (Multi DAO and a dozen other DAOs in our Ecosystem), Bakaka (Marketing DAO advisor), and Hlib (Near UA guild).

  3. Currently, RC DAO has launched the council’s election process. Please support our community leaders nominated for RC DAO council seats, or nominate yourself!

Aurora regional grants program, after being launched one year ago, will be deceased in July 2023, but keep building, keep working, Aurora WEB3 Believers :green_heart:

Revised mods team since July 2023:

Zubair: customers support 24/7, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Help Scout, weekly calls with Aurora Labs team, templates development, $1500 a month.

Aman: customers support 24/7, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Help Scout. $1150 a month.

Rexus: focus on Aurora news stream, Discord; customers support 24/7, Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Help Scout. $1400 a month.

Maks: focus on Aurora news stream, DappRadar, DeFi Lama, Electric Capital, live apps, ecosystem community managers chat, cross-connections between web3 communities, $800 a month

Ivan S: customers support 24/7, quests support, live apps, dapps testing, statistics, $1000 a month


A happy one-year anniversary of the community grants program to all the Aurora contributors and members, and thanks to all the community leaders to make this journey more beautiful! :star_struck:

Thanks, @ell for sharing updates in detail!

#AuroraOneLove :green_heart:


It has been a wonderful one year and we hope to thrive much more with this development. Thanks @ell for this update.

Builders never stop building!



Hopefully this new strategy will take the Aurora ecosystem where it ought to be; at the top!
Thanks for the update @ell


It’s was a beautiful experience! I believe this Transition will provide a better experience for all.:+1:


Congratulations to the entire Aurora team for their hard work and dedication and for the numbers achieved!


It was a great experience with incredible results achieved under the leadership of the grant program team!
congratulations to every single guild who participates on building this community. :muscle:


I want to be part of it.


More milestone to Cross :rocket:

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I support the initiative, and Onchain will bring us to a more decentralized path!


Good very nice