[Introduction] NFT Degen

NFT Degen Program

Aurora NFT Club have started their NFT Degen program again last week.

Mission: Increase awareness about Aurora NFT projects/creators.

What we are doing right now to achieve it?

  • Sharing NFT related content in Aurora Regional Groups
  • Establishing Collaborations in other chain NFT communities
  • Supporting Social Media Account activities of Aurora NFT projects/creators.
  • Hosting contest/activities to bring creators to mint on Aurora Platforms.

Right now we have our team members from Africa, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, and Philippines. We are still looking for people from different regions to join us.


  • Twitter account with at least two months of activities.
  • Familiar with Instagram, Reddit, and Quora.
  • Passionate about NFTs
  • Create MEMEs (Not much required, but will be an add-on)
  • Can work in Team

Please share about yourself in this format in the comment section

  • Name:
  • Twitter Handle:
  • Region you represent:
  • Experience in NFTs:
  • List connection with other Blockchain NFT communities:
  • How you will add value to Aurora NFT Ecosystem:

Based on your submission our team will reach out to you according to our requirements.


kindly invite all the @Community to share with your ideas and contribute in any ways :green_heart:


We have prepared a google form to connect with the people.

Fill out the form and get support from the NFT Degen project.

  • Name: Lenin Rajaram
  • Twitter Handle: #wooden_mantra
  • Region you represent: Tamil Nadu India
  • Experience in NFTs: https://linktr.ee/WoodenMantra
  • List connection with other Blockchain NFT communities: a member of a group named metaverse generation
  • How you will add value to Aurora NFT Ecosystem: Create awareness about how NFTs can be used to save lost arts, and preserve culture and heritage. Create awareness among other physical / woodworking artists and help them on their NFT journey.

hi there we have NFT game on aurora blockchain , now we need some grant to improve the game. Where i can post information ?

Hi Yurii !

Welcome to the Aurora Community. For grants refer : Partner Program to support builders with mentorship, marketing, business development and more.