[Rejected] November social media TG Channel Aurora live ru

I created a Russian chat on Aurora, where content from everything blooming in Aurora is implemented, I only write my thoughts about the development of Aurora.

I don’t want to hope for a retrodrop, but for the sake of motivation, I mustered up the courage to ask you for help in the birth of the channel for the sake of Aurora itself as a whole.

Monetary motivation will be small in the amount of $250 to inspire life on the channel and develop it in development!

  1. Guild, community, project name; - AURORA Live RU ▲
  2. Region, country (for statistics), a number of members in your guild, community, or project; - Russia 116 members
  3. Telegram: Contact @Auroralive
  4. my name is Ruslan i am 28 years old
  5. Funding scheme: Monthly
  6. Proposal summary, be sure to include
  • Popularization of Aurora among telegram users

  • Users get useful information

  • Growth in the number of subscribers, and more interested people in Aurora.

  • Creation of various content in the telegram channel, and growth in the number of subscribers

  1. Funding Details - 250$



Hey @wizkh,

Please check this format for proposal & Report

Have a good day :relaxed:


What exactly is wrong? I implemented everything according to this form. :roll_eyes:

I have already answered you about this in the DM, Please see it



Thank you for your proposals. Unfortunately, we can’t support in at the moment.