[Approved] Aurora Eastern Europe Guild (Managing + Activities + Media Partnerships + Influencers) August 2022

We’ve already written some words about us and our work in this thread. :wink:

But I would like to add the highlights.
We’ve made some great changes to our guild, I’ll also share our plans and what we plan to do.

To develop and engage the community in the Aurora ecosystem, the following will be created (with translations and information on Russian):
:black_small_square:Aurora’s announcement channel
:black_small_square:Aurora’s chat channel
:black_small_square:Aurora’s blog
:black_small_square:New DAO of Aurora Eastern Europe Guild (So that everyone can see the full costs that we plan to make through the DAO)
:black_small_square:We have already distributed employee salaries according to the new development concept (you can see more in our application below)
:black_small_square:We will also touch on game content to attract more people to the Aurora ecosystem

Our resources:
NEAR Announces — 5.8k subs (our Telegram-channel) Telegram: Contact @near_ru
NEAR Chat — 11.2k subs (our Telegram-chat) Telegram: Contact @near_protocol
Twitter — 10.9k subs https://twitter.com/near_protocol

Our staff
Vadim — Growth and management of RU Guild (founder) — Global guild management, AMA on Youtube with KOLs, technical support for various guild stuff.
Vladislav — Community Manager part-time salary — Content Editor, Social Media Lead + translations, AMA with projects of ecosystem, news for KOLs
Andrew — Community Manager part-time salary — Work with KOLs, AMA with projects of ecosystem, marketing, searching for new partners and media
Alexei — Localization Manager part-time salary — Localization, translation verification
Alyona — Moderator of our Telegram (plus content and translations)
Yurii — Moderator of our Telegram
Sergey — Content about game projects // Content creator, infographics, banners, translations, guides.

We are going to attract new members to Aurora, to show them the capabilities of the network and the projects that have been built or are being built in this ecosystem.

Program for stimulating useful content*

  • Videos, posts in Telegram.
    For to give more freedom to the Influencers, not to impose their information on them, so they can choose what’s best for their audience. And they to get more engaged in our DAO.

:black_small_square:Growth of our new telegram channels for Aurora EE Guild
:black_small_square:Growth of our new Twitter for Aurora EE Guild
:black_small_square:Growth of our blog coverage
:black_small_square:Monthly reports

For this, we are requesting the following funding: $9,600 USD

Payout: rucommunity.near
Owner: Vadim


Splendid idea to cover up whole Eastern Europe! Thumbs up comrades. :saluting_face:


Thank you for your proposal. Happy to support.

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Proposal is approved

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We have already begun work and are happy to fill out the necessary forms.