[Rejected] Social Media Marketing of Aurora and Aurora DApps - Grant Request

Hello, my name is Yana, and I am a member of a group of former NEAR protocol marketing contractors “Degens” and other marketing specialists seeking to raise awareness of the Aurora ecosystem on social media. We have experience promoting NEAR and Aurora DApps and we were routinely acknowledged as the top influencers in the aforementioned NEAR guild. During our time at NEAR we helped grow the ecosystem, and while our grant was active, the price of NEAR increase from 2 usd to 20 usd.

Our proposal for increasing awareness of Aurora and its ecosystem includes:

50k Twitter impressions per month
500 Additional tweets from multiple accounts per month
8 Infographics per month
4 Brief introductory videos highlighting projects on Aurora per month
4 Medium articles covering Aurora DApps per month
100 4chan organic comments
100 Reddit organic comments
100 Bitcoin talk organic comments
75 YouTube organic comments

We kindly request $7000 usd in Aurora per month for our services and will in turn supply a living spreadsheet documenting our work in progress for clear accountability and audits. This spreadsheet will also include a link to our Twitter analytics page to track impressions, tweets, retweets, followers and comments. We believe that this is a fair quote considering the market rate for similar work. The funds will be divided between five team members specializing in different aspects of promotion and media creation:

*Yana has been working in crypto since 2019 as a community leader and in marketing roles including working for the NEAR protocol Degens. She fled Ukraine in December 2021, just before the war started, and now resides in the US. She is multilingual and talented graphic designer and marketer who holds several college degrees. Her responsibilities will include Twitter (https://twitter.com/BossCrypt) “4070 followers” infographics, and videos. Yana will be coordinating with other team members to highlight and boost projects on Twitter as well as reviewing and approving infographic and video content.
*Casey is an early crypto investor, a US resident, and a native English speaker who has been working in crypto since 2018 in several community leader and marketing roles for projects such as AlohaDeFi and NEAR protocol Degens. He is responsible for Medium articles (Casey Blanche – Medium), and specializes in unconventional growth hacking on platforms such as 4chan, Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/user/DeFi_Guru), and Bitcointalk (RussiaUkraineTranslation). Additionally he will be maintaining records to ensure team members are meeting their obligations to the grant.
*Kseniia is a Ukrainian refugee residing in Turkey who specializes in Turkish/English/Russian technical translation and viral marketing with a history of doing contract marketing and graphic design work for various crypto projects, including Candle Chain, and creating her own music NFT art. Her responsibilities will be Twitter (https://twitter.com/ksen0203) “361 followers”, infographics and Youtube comments (https://youtube.com/channel/UCt0Dmhz0PghBMCPCqCbWtzw)
*Anna is a crypto enthusiast and English school teacher living in Russian occupied Kherson Ukraine. She will be assisting with Twitter content creation and responsible for content review. (https://twitter.com/popitsimple) “36 followers”.
*Miracle (Aurora Forum member for_the_church) is a NEAR Stars Guild contractor from Nigeria with a history of making high quality video content for NEAR projects. He will be responsible for producing some of our video content. Examples- https://twitter.com/NearStarsGuild/status/1547220788104908801 https://twitter.com/NearStarsGuild/status/1536365450392702983

As stated, similar viral promotion methods worked exceptionally well compared to the inorganic bot shilling commonly seen on social media. Our organic and engaging marketing methods help to not only to raise investor awareness, but also to increase the number of users and therefore TVL, which in turn attracts developers. Our marketing plan is to promote Aurora as being superior to competing L2s and sidechains in a way that is non-confrontational and exciting; we also want to ensure that DApps on Aurora do well, so we plan will focus our efforts on highlighting each DApp, whether it be GameFi, DeFi or NFT projects etc. on social media. We feel that not enough is being done in the ecosystem to promote and support DApps running on top of Aurora and we believe that we can make a significant improvement in adoption of the protocol, and our work history proves this.

We welcome any feedback regarding our proposal and await instructions on how to progress.

NEAR payment address: Yana.NEAR


Hello, could you please update your proposal and include information about:

  • a number of members in your guild, community, or project;
  • Links on social media and how many members in the social media;
  • Please, introduce yourself and your teammates;
  • What problem is the proposal solving?
  • How is the problem being solved?
  • Expected impact and value for the Aurora community;
  • Metrics/KPIs to track results.

Thank you and have a good one!


Will do, revising above:

  • a number of members in your guild, community, or project; Listed 5 members
  • Links on social media and how many members in the social media; Provided social links for the members
  • Please, introduce yourself and your teammates; Provided brief introductions of team members
  • What problem is the proposal solving?; Provided in original text, increase awareness of the Aurora ecosystem of DApps
  • How is the problem being solved?; Listed number of proposed tweets, content, and comments
  • Expected impact and value for the Aurora community; Stated that we aim to increase the TVL of Aurora, grow the community and user base, and thereby increase the number of developers
  • Metrics/KPIs to track results; We stated our goals in the original message and there will be a google sheet documenting our work, including a link for Twitter analytics

Something really massive and great moves for contextual advertising! :star_struck:

Regarding Aurora external ling building for SEO it’s the most organic things to do.


Hello, Yana. I’m Huihui. I have been working in crypto May since 2021 as a content creator and in marketing roles including working for Flying Rhino Degens - a group of people raising awareness of the Aurora ecosystem on Twitter. This is my Twitter account: https://twitter.com/NearAlphaLeaker with 790+ followers. I made infographics, tweeted the news from projects on the Aurora ecosystem, Commented and Quote retweeted project tweets to increase the number of followers. I love the way you are doing and I hope that I can be a part of your team. Please contact me if you need me.


Hy @AuroraMaxi1

This is great, I love your work

Apart from these things, will you focus on Telegram - Instagram?
I look forward to your report and to use your experience for our guild :handshake:
If you need, you can get help from him @Huihui

Be strong and carry on!



The package we have provided does not contain Instagram and Telegram marketing. We found that the platforms suggested in our proposal above provide the best marketing return/expenditure ratio for projects. Telegram and Discord marketing for example are nearly exclusively driven by bots. Additionally, if you enter a messenger community and try and market a project, and are not a trusted member of that community, you will be banned from that group quite quickly. On the other hand, when it comes to recruiting developers for a project, infiltrating these types of communities is quite effective.


Hy @AuroraMaxi1
How about Instagram?
We have little activity on Instagram, it’s better to spread #Aurora
Of course, this depends on the language and the target countries, because Instagram visits and users differ from country to country, and some languages may have many users, and some may have fewer users.

Good work, I look forward to your first report!



We are open to adding more people to our group and supported platforms like instagram and tik tok but we would like to demonstrate our capabilities by completing what we have promised for the first month before expanding.


Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.
Feel free to resubmit proposal next quarter.

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