[Report] Aurora Eastern Europe February 2023

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January 2023

Previous Proposal - February + March 2023

Approved amount in $: $7,000 (3,500 for each month)
Guild name: Aurora Eastern Europe Guild
Wallet: uniteddao.near

:white_medium_small_square: Main Content:
Aurigami Revamped — Faster, Sleeker, Sexier
Aurora will participate in one of the largest and longest running events in the Ethereum world - ETHDenver
A detailed review of the Rainbow Bridge incident that occurred on February 10
AMA Aurora Eastern Europe и Meta Pool

:white_medium_small_square: Slightly shorter version on Telegram:
Aurora DeFi Digest 05/02
“DemoDay Is NEAR”
Aurora DeFi Digest 12/02
Near and Aurora now supported on 1RPC
How you can buy AURORA tokens in the U.S.
Atomic Green “Atomic Sprint” (Week 1)
Aurora DeFi Digest 18/02
Aurora goes to ETH Denver
Atomic Green “Atomic Sprint” (Week 2)

Aurora’s Blog Alpha Leaks
Weekly Update 2022-02-03
Weekly Update 2022-02-10
Weekly Update 2022-02-17
Weekly Update 2022-02-24

:white_medium_small_square: Daily Content

  1. Telegram News Channel - 110
    Progress: +34,14%% (+28 posts)
  2. Also for more coverage there were a few reposts in our channel dedicated to NEAR Protocol
  3. Twitter - 81
    Progress: +17,39% (+12 posts)

:white_medium_small_square: Events
30.01 - Recruitment for the Battle of the Portfolios from Incrypted has begun.
The battle was launched on February 6.
Total number of participants: 1,055
522 new members have joined our chat room thanks to the contest.
Unfortunately, the NF had a delay in paying out the prizes and it didn’t have the best effect.

01/02 - Giveaway on Twitter with NEAR Native

07/02 - AMA with the OpenBiSea team
AMA was in the format of a video presentation.

07.02 - Launched a contest with NEAR Native to attract people’s attention to near.social

10.02 - 14.02 - Conducted a quiz and collected feedbacks from the community

14.02 - Launched a contest for the community in honor of Valentine’s Day.
Participants drew memes or made cool artwork to show their love for Aurora.

16.02 - AMA with Meta Pool

24.02 - On February 24th, we hosted the AMA of our Aurora Eastern Europe community, or Community Call, to which we also invited a famous NFT artist from our ecosystem (DOM | △ ◎ ▣).

27.02 - We launched a contest for the community that will attract more attention to Aurora news on near.social

:white_medium_small_square: Grants
325 AURORA - Prizes for the winners of the Twitter giveaway News | Results

500 USDC - A promotional post at Dvach (audience over 700k) to attract a more audience to the Battle of the Portfolios from Incrypted and for the Aurora+ promotion.

Our post collected over 272,000 views and more people participated in the battle of the portfolios.

70 AURORA - mr_free.near // Creating a banner for a contest with Aurora Eastern Europe and NEAR Native guilds
70 AURORA - tolmindev.near // Creating a banner for an AMA with OpenBiSea
450 AURORA - Prizes to participants of the AMA with OpenBiSea News | Results
75 USDC - Prizes for Aurora EE and NEAR Native contest winners News | Results
Tokens to reward authors of helpful comments about Aurora via NearUp Tipbot.
100 AURORA - cronus.near exchange / refill
100 AURORA - alyonushka.near exchange / refill
100 AURORA - bond09.near exchange / refill
100 AURORA - liquidus.near exchange / refill
300 AURORA - Quiz winners News | Results
300 AURORA - Winners of the creative competition on the occasion of Valentine’s Day News | Results
40 AURORA - mr_free.near / Help with banners for the AMA
250 AURORA - Prizes for AMA participants with Meta Pool News | Results
200 AURORA - Winners of the AMA session with Aurora Eastern Europe News | Results
20 AURORA - mr_free.near / Help with banner for contest (Subscribe to Aurora Ecosystem News)
400 USDC - bond09.near / Payout for TG moderation and translations
700 USDC - liquidus.near / Payout for TG moderation plus content and translations
600 USDC - alyonushka.near / Payout for TG moderation plus content and translations
1300 USDC - cronus.near // Content Editor, Social Media Lead + translations

:white_medium_small_square: Growth

Telegram News Channel - 2630
Progress: -3,98% (-109 users)
Telegram Chat - 3747
Progress: +8,32% (+ 288 users)
Twitter - 2241
Progress: +52,44% (+771 users)


Hey, good morn!
Here is your work done in the month of February

Socials February
No. of Followers Planned Achieved(Feb)
Telegram 3700 3744
Twitter 1850 2258
Events - 6
Article - 7
AMAs 2-3 3

Community Weekly Growth

Thanks for the great work & please pay attention on the social media growth, you are constantly losing valuable community followers from the last few weeks…[keeping community members engaged is very important]

Have a Great Day!