[REPORT] Aurora LATAM August, Mid Sept

Hello Aurorians! How is everything doing?
Here we are to report the activities done in August and in these last couple of days in September :blush:
We took a little bit more of time in Sept to report since we wanted to complete most of our derivables and here we have them.
To compare with our previous proposal:

This were the results in the last couple of weeks

Socials and Metrics

As of now we have in our Twitter 247 followers, in our Discord Server we have 105 members and in our Telegram we have 87 active members.

We expect to have our Telegram metric completed by this next week since we will launch a POAP event for our community to engage even more and join our telegram for news and updates :blush:

Going through every point, here we have our results throught this last couple of weeks regarding different activities developed in Aurora LATAM.

  1. Creating articles, guides and reviews on gitbook

We focused our content mainly in Twitter when it comes to guides and articles. Here we have some samples of our work, and our gitbook created.

  1. Doing spaces in Twitter, AMAs in Telegram and teaching in Discord

We conducted spaces in twitter and AMAs in Telegram, and we are about to launch our teaching initiative in Discord, we plan to make it bigger than just an item on a checklist, we will launch this initiative for a broader audience in collaboration with influencers in our next post for September, October and November!


  1. Get in contact with influencers in LATAM.

We are currently working with influencers and leaders in LATAM to further develop the region. So far we have onboarded Aurora Brazil, Aurora Mexico, Aurora Venezuela, Aurora Chile, Aurora Peru, Aurora Argentina and Aurora Uruguay.
Both Uruguay and Argentina have to present their requests as well and create their community and are on track to doing so.
Chile and Peru were just included and we have to brainstorm their development on the region!

  1. Engage and certificate students with Aurora Certifications (we have already an Instructor and developer in the Aurora Ecosystem with us, Dario Sanchez).
  2. Doing workshops.

Regarding Certifications in Aurora we got in touch with OWA to help them create an initiative or a proposal regarding Aurora Developer Certifications (which will be presented later on). We are also in communication with Near Hacks to create a hacker house here in Latin America (most probably in Buenos Aires) to develop and code with Aurora.

  1. Direct contact with guilds created and helping create guilds in Aurora.

Step mentioned above in our current telegram group and initiatives discussed with them before launching their proposals.

  1. Participating in Meetups.
  2. Latest News and Updates in Spanish.
  3. Produce Content about Aurora in Spanish.

These last points can be seen in all the work provided in our Twitter which is the main source of information, content and news regarding Aurora in Spanish. Here you have it if you want to peek around!


Other activities and what is next?


With ShitzuCommunity we are creating fun crosswords to incentivize the use and learning of Aurora within our community. We are also expecting to launch more games with giveaways to bring new people into our socials :blush:

OWA and NEAR Hacks

As mentioned above we are in communication with OWA and NEAR Hacks to launch certifications for Aurora in Latam, will bring more news in the next following days.

Aurora Argentina and Aurora Uruguay

Both guilds about to be launched in this week or the next one, with their proposals and ideas to develop their regions.


Educational project multichain to bring people to Aurora from other different chains. This is still in progress and development. More on that later :eyes:

To conclude

We would like to thank @ell and @Alex_J for the support in our first month and for letting this project go through :blush: we are very happy to be building in this incredible ecosystem and to be able to connect with every region and spread the word about Aurora in Latin America.
We will continue to work hard and be up to this task that is representing our Latin region with pride and honor :muscle:
We will prepare next month proposal promptly with the new initiatives mentioned above. Thank you very much!


Nice Work @nacho.near, this is only the beginning :clap:


Update: We hit 250 followers on Twitter and 100 members on Telegram


Great work @nacho.near and @Turco!
Always building that’s the way!


Had a great time with community… :slight_smile:


How many Telegram posts were there during this period?
And the address of your telegram channel?

How many posts were on Twitter/Discord?

You requested funds and promised monthly reports.
Let’s stick to monthly goals.
Your report also includes half of the other month, which is not accurate for evaluating your actions for the month.

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Hello @Vladislav_vl25 good to have you here.
Thanks for the notice when it comes to socials, I thought I had put them in the post above when I made the funding request. My bad! Here are all the socials up to now:


When it comes to post metrics:

Posts in Telegram. 67 until september 1st 35 until sept 12.
Tweets 158 throughout these month and a half.
Discord posts 41 until now.

Individual posts are a lot so we are not really making a tally since that is part of our job but if you need them those are the numbers. We do take into consideratiom AMAs and Spaces.

Finally I made a post about a month and a half and extended the usage of our funding for September included since we thought it would be correct to keep working one more month to accomplish said derivables instead of asking for more funding unnecessarily.

We completed our first fundings KPIs so we will plan accordingly for our next objectives.

Respectfully please, would you let me know what is not accurate? The timeline of our funding or the completion of our derivables?


Thanks @nacho.near

I would suggest more work with announcements in Telegram and Discord, so that all the hot news would not just get into the chat, but would be reflected in your announcements.


Hey Vlad

Great, will consider this and also make a thread of announcements and also pin them in our Telegram as well. Good thing to point out, thank you for the feedback!


There is also no information about prizes(winners) on AMA and how the grant money was spent.
No articles for August and only 1 for September.