[REPORT] Aurora Turkey Guild November 2022

Hi everyone, I am happy to share the November 2022 report for the Turkish AURORA community with you.

Previous Proposal: [Approved] Aurora Turkey October/November 2022

Previous Report [REPORT] Aurora Turkey October 2022

Approved amount October + November: 7800$

Guild name: Aurora Turkey
User: cizi31.near

Link to the social media accounts:

Main content:
Aurora Medium Turkey and news portal articles - 12 Articles

Aurora Turkish Videos - 4 Videos

Topic: Aurora weekly updates

Daily content:

We are continuously sharing daily content with our community. The source of the content is mostly translated from the Aurora community news stream channel Telegram: Contact @awesomeaurora

Telegram news channel: Telegram: Contact @auroranearhaber

  • News: 105 in November / 133 were in October / 103 in September
  • Progress: -28 posts (October), +2 posts (September)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/auroraisneartr

  • Posts: 220 / 288 were in October / 164 in September
  • Progress: -68 (october), +59 (September)

Growth Telegram: Telegram: Contact @auroraisneartr 1
We have a well active community on Telegram, approximately 150-200 messages per day, here more details:
Followers 2700(+300)
Total Messages: 12600
Messages in November: 3300 (+1000) according to Aurora Türkiye :tr: > Analytics | Combot

Growth Twitter: https://twitter.com/auroraisneartr
On Twitter we had an increase in real followers, impressions, profile visits and mentions

Followers now: 1400 / 800 were in October → 600 new Followers
Progress: Tweet impressions (+51%), Profile Visits (+44,9%), Mentions (-872%%), Followers +653
details: (check image below)

Twitter Followeraudit (Showing real, fake, active and inactive users):

Due to internal Bitget moderator changes, we had to postpone the AMA session with Bitget to December. Another events, mix of activity, like rt follow, world cup and Aurora+ events

continuesly talking about Aurora and sharing in different turkish community groups, example:

Cost distribution and division of tasks between team members. **

  • AURORA Events 300$
  • Youtube Weekly Update Videos 400$ (Yusuf)
  • Aurora Banner, redirect users to Aurora+ 200$ (news portal)
  • Articles and Content Creation 500$ (Murat, Ömer)
  • Management costs 300$ (Cizi)
  • Twitter content, daily news 300$ (Berat)
  • KOLs cooperation 300$ (Dogan)
  • Telegram news, chat, moderation 1200$ (Cizi, Murat, Yusuf, Ilker)

Missing Event : Bitget AMA → Postponed to December 2022

Aurora ecosystem projects collaboration
I read the pinned message in our community news stream channel “Who is Who” and have contacted all ecosystem projects on AURORA. Some of them are not yet ready to make a collaboration, but we got two new partnerships this month:


:sparkles:Looking further for more collaboration with AURORA ecosystem projects :sparkles:

Growth Aurora+ Users

Aurora Banner with redirection to Aurora+

We are continuesly sharing our RefLink in all our social media accounts and bringing users to Aurora+. Please note that not all members use the RefLink, also some members get some troubles while using Aurora+ on mobile. So the progress mentioned below is only the progress via 1 RefLink. I hope we will get possibilities to check more detailed Aurora+ stats in the future (Example: Users by Country, Visits by Country)

1 RefLink stats are as follows.


Visits November: 1462(+783)
Signups: 93(+56)

December and January 2022 plans

  • Bitget AMA
  • AMA with other exchanges and different communities
  • More Telegram and Twitter events
  • Daily news from Community core group
  • More users on Telegram and Twitter
  • More educational content on Medium
  • Weekly Updates Youtube Video
  • External Marketing with Influencers ( new proposal )
  • Collaboration with Turkish communities
  • More Users on Aurora+
  • AURORA ecosystem projects collaboration

… more details about our future plans in my next proposal.

Thank you for your support! :sparkles:

@ell @Alex_J


thank you for the precise and transparent report :pray:
as well as for the great contribution to the Aurora Community growth :green_heart:

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