[REPORT] Aurora Türkiye Guild December 2022

Hi everyone, I am happy to share the December 2022 report for the Turkish AURORA community with you.

Previous Proposal: [Approved] Aurora Türkiye December / January 2023

Previous Report: [REPORT] Aurora Turkey Guild November 2022

Approved amount December + January: 6000$

Guild name: Aurora Turkey

Leader: https://twitter.com/cizi31

Link to the social media accounts:

Main content:

Aurora Medium Turkey and news portal articles - 11 Articles

Aurora weekly updates on a news portal

Aurora Turkish Videos - 4 Videos

Topic: Aurora weekly updates video format, Aurora explanation

Daily content:

We are continuously sharing daily content with our community. The source of the content is mostly translated from the Aurora community news stream channel Telegram: Contact @awesomeaurora

Telegram news channel: Telegram: Contact @auroranearhaber

  • News: 80 in December / 105 were in November / 133 in September
  • Progress: -25 posts (November), -53 posts (October)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/auroraisneartr

  • Posts: 150 / 220 were in November / 288 in October
  • Progress: -70 (november), - 138 (October)

Growth Telegram: Telegram: Contact @auroraisneartr

We have a well active community on Telegram, approximately 150-200 messages per day, here more details:

Followers 3600(+900)

Total Messages: 18382

Messages in December: 3192 according to Aurora Türkiye 🇹🇷 > Analytics | Combot

Growth Twitter: https://twitter.com/auroraisneartr

On Twitter we had an increase in real followers and impressions

Followers now: 1605 / 1400 were in October → 205 new Followers

Progress: Tweet impressions (+9,5%)

Twitter Followeraudit (Showing real, fake, active and inactive users):

1600×639 151 KB

NEW - Aurora news in turkish language on → Discord

Events (AMA, Voice Chat, community meetup, WorldCup events, like rt follow, Podcast):

continuesly talking about Aurora and sharing in different turkish community groups, example:

Cost distribution and division of tasks between team members. **
We didn’t receive any fund in december, I will send more details about funding end of january.

Growth Aurora+ Users
Aurora Banner with redirection to Aurora+

image1057×366 120 KB

We are continuesly sharing our RefLink in all our social media accounts and bringing users to Aurora+. Please note that not all members use the RefLink, also some members get some troubles while using Aurora+ on mobile. So the progress mentioned below is only the progress via 1 RefLink. I hope we will get possibilities to check more detailed Aurora+ stats in the future (Example: Users by Country, Visits by Country)

1 RefLink stats are as follows.
Visits December : 1679(+217)
Signups: 100(+7)

Off-Topic Shopyverse
As mentioned before, we are working on a Metaverse project named: Shopyverse
The project is self funded and has not received funding from NEAR or Aurora Foundation yet.

Currently we are creating an open air lecture hall, a place where we will invite our community and hold online meetups in the Shopyverse.

After the community meetup, we will play bowling, drink together, talk about Aurora ecosystem updates and reward the winners with Aurora.

Thank you for your support! :sparkles:

@ell @Alex_J @johanga @Dk_51



thanks for your great job!!

glad to see it either in stats, and in members activity in common chats :smiling_face:

what do you guess is the reason for this huge growth at the end of December in the Aurora Turkey Telegram chat ?

Thank you for your valuable contribution to the ecosystem :green_heart:

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Hi @johanga

we are continuously inviting real turkish members from different turkish community groups to Aurora. At the last week of december we had the AMA with Bitget which brought us new members. I think some of them are also from different airdrop communities. I am myself more a fan of stable slow growth, so I am removing deleted accounts after such campaigns. We are also doing giveaways on NEAR. got about 1000 retweets with this one: https://twitter.com/near_turkey/status/1609591510516867075?s=20&t=HGhwgPRxIkmVJ191gjesDA
and in our Near turkish group we are redirecting users to Aurora: Telegram: Contact @near_tr
So, all the events we do on NEAR will also benefit Aurora Türkiye’s growth and also backwards.
Aurora events / news are also shared in different community groups

Also the podcast with AuroraHunters at the end of december helped us to reach out to global users from all Aurora communities, the news were also shared in the community news channel.

Also as mentioned in my report, we couldn’t push 100% in the first weeks of december as we didn’t get any budget and couldn’t follow our plans. After approval from Aurora Foundation we could start all campaigns and push. This all combined with the news publishment on our website and redirection to Aurora Turkish group is the reason for the growth at the end of december.

Thank you for your support! :green_heart: