[Report] Aurora Turkiye Community [September - October]

Hello AURORA Family;

September and October Report of the Aurora Turkiye Community.

Here is the;
:point_right: Proposal
:green_circle: Amount: $ 8,080
:white_check_mark: Wallet: nht44.near



  • A. Twitter / Instagram / Telegram
  • B. Videos
  • C. Articles
  • D. Channel (Online) events
  • E. Weekly meetings




We are posting the News, Important Updateds, Authentic researches and Infographics from here to keep the community alive and informed.



The same information shared on Twitter is also shared on Instagram.


Community mod: We provide 24/7 support with 5 moderators;
@OkanCaptain @dadathoo.near @REK @CryptoBlckhntr @KriptoRaptor

For quick and one-on-one support:

News-Announcement purposes:


B. Videos

The number of Videos: 10
The expected number of Videos was: 8

AURORA | NEARCON 2021&2022 | The Biggest Event | RAINBOW BRIDGE 3.0?

AURORA | New Refferal Program | Gift $10 AURORA

AURORA | NEARCON UPDATES | What’s Mev | Aurora is 20x More Efficient Now

Aurora Monthly Recap Video

Aurora | Trisolaris | Swap | How to add Liquidity | How to make farm

Aurora | Rainbow Bridge Guide | Send ETH to Aurora From Ethereum Mainnet | Weekly Recap

Aurora | Everything about Aurora

Aurora | Freename | Free Transactions | Swap Stake

Aurora | Bastion Protocol | Borrow&Lending | How it works | Basic Strategies

AURORA | BASTION PROTOCOL | How to borrow and lend


C. Articles

Written number of Articles was: 8
Expected number of Articles was: 8

The Ethereum Merge and What To Expect on Aurora

Aurora Ecosystem August 2022 Recap

Decentralization. Why the current setup of the industry is better than it seems?

Aurora Turkey Educational Series #1

Aurora at NearCon

Projects in the Aurora Ecosystem Part: 1

Lead-in to Atmos: Autonomous Fractional-Algorithmic Stablecoin on Aurora

Aurora important announcements


D. Channel (Online) events

We held two Quiz Night event and an Invite your friends activity.


E. Weekly Meetings

As the Turkish community, we hold our weekly meetings.
Active contributors are: @CryptoBlckhntr @KriptoRaptor @OkanCaptain @dadathoo.near @REK


:hugs: We look forward to your feedback to achieve more excellence. :100:

Thank You!


Thanks for report.
But sometime not simple to estimate growth from pictures. That’s what the report form was designed for.

For example
If we take the data from August:
Twitter: 10.7k subs, on this moment 9957 subs
Progress: -6,95%

Telegram: 859 subs, on this moment 1157 subs
Progress: 34,69%

Also, I can’ t see any information about how the grant was distributed.
And in this period there were no AMA sessions with projects or exchanges?

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Thank you for your feedback.
The boats that came for the raffle have gone. According to statistics, we have never lost anything as a community; on the contrary, we continue to grow and develop rapidly.

You can also see the users who joined our Twitter space last night.

  • Channel events (Quiz Night – Invite your friends) = $ 600 already mention above transfereed done on nht44.near
  • We did not receive any funding for the AMA, but we included it for the new proposal.

we all know twitter and telegram is full of bots. some may join some may leave we focus on real interaction and so far we have the highest engagement. you can clearly see that on our Live Twitter spaces sessions. on last one +276 tuned in and for the previous one it was over 400. Biggest numbers you can see throughout our ecosystem socials.
and the team produces authentic written and visual content and keep community updated daily also organize engagement events.

this team is clearly one of the most successful ones despite the heavy bear market.


Thanks for your work.
Excellent results at the AMA.

And sometimes there can be good results and bad (alas, our market is volatile, as well as the mood of its users).
In this example, I have demonstrated how you can textualize basic growth. :wink:

Why is it necessary?
So that we can look at all the reports and collect the general indicators of the communities for further work.

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All achievements begin with an idea.

Your comments and feedback are very important to us as we strive to improve both our own business and the community. We have a common goal here: #AURORA

Thank you for your positive attitude, nice approach, and positive thoughts. This is a source of encouragement and inspiration for all of us. :hugs:


Thank you for your community. Yes and to other communities and participants.
In fact, I too have a lot to learn from the others.


“The day we stop learning is the day we die.”

― Michael Scott

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Great report with amazing results :green_heart:

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