[REPORT] Aurora Türkiye May/June 2023

Hi everyone, I am happy to share the May / June 2023 report for the Turkish AURORA community with you.

Previous Proposals:

Previous Reports:

All previous reports can be found under my profile

Approved amount May & June: 7500$

Guild name: Aurora Türkiye

Leader: https://twitter.com/cizi31

Link to the social media accounts:

Main content:

Aurora Medium Turkey articles - 27

Aurora Turkish Videos - 7 Videos

Daily content:

We are continuously sharing daily content with our community. The source of the content is mostly translated from the Aurora community news stream channel Telegram: Contact @awesomeaurora
We are also sharing Aurora news / events in turkish language on → [Discord] and
[NEW] → on NEAR Social eg: Post by Aurora Türkiye | Near Social

Telegram news channel: Telegram: Contact @auroranearhaber

  • News: 125 in May 100 in June

Growth Telegram: Telegram: Contact @auroraisneartr

We have a well active community on Telegram, approximately 700-800 messages per day, here more details:

Followers: 7200(+500)
Total messages: 89613
Messages in May & June 11244

Growth Twitter: https://twitter.com/auroraisneartr 1

Followers now: 2420 (2262 were in April (+158)

Twitter Followeraudit (Showing real, fake, active and inactive users):

We are now on Near Social and sharing daily content.
Followers: 101 (+44)

Cost distribution
monthly payment

  • 4 Telegram moderators (daily support, publish news 7days / week on Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Near Social)
    → 350$ * 4 = 1400$
  • 1 Twitter Aurora owner (share latest news, get more impression / followers)
    → 300$
  • Youtube Videos (Weekly Updates, explanational videos)
    → 400$
  • Events on Twitter and Telegram, for prizes and giveaways (Tipbot), Near Social followers
    → 550$
  • Articles and content creation + banner (10 articles per month)
    → 500$
  • Management costs: Create monthly reports, planning, meeting with moderators, brainstorming, Social media management:
    → 600$

Events (AMA, Voice Chat, community meetup, like rt follow, activity contest, in chat games and rewards)

Growth Aurora+ Users
We are continuesly sharing our RefLink in all our social media accounts and bringing users to Aurora+. Please note that not all members use the RefLink, also some members get some troubles while using Aurora+ on mobile. So the progress mentioned below is only the progress via 1 RefLink. I hope we will get possibilities to check more detailed Aurora+ stats in the future (Example: Users by Country, Visits by Country)

1 RefLink stats are as follows.

Thank you for your support! :sparkles: :green_heart:
@ell @Alex_J @Dk_51 @johanga


Good morn!
Here are your work results for the months of May and June

Socials May-June
No. of followers Planned Achieved
Telegram 9000+ 7191
Twitter 3000+ 2420
Medium followers 112 114
Events 8-12 12
Near Social 200+ 101
YouTube Videos 8 7
AMAs 12 11
Articles 20 26
IamHuman - 67

Community Weekly Growth

Cost Per User [CPU]

Thanks for the work done, but In Telegram there is no growth in the last 2 months!

Have a Great Day!

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