[Report] Aurora UA community for November - December

Hi Aurorians.

This is the Aurora UA guild report for November - December

Telegram channel for the month - 46 posts ( 3 more than last month ) 86 participants ( 6 less than last month )

Telegram chat - 68 participants ( 1 more than last month )

Created Twitter 16 participants ( in this case there is something to brag about on one of the posts 2100+ views )

Created Tik Tok 6 subscribers ( +1 video 438 views )

Created a website - https://www.auroraua.com


  1. We would like to be recognized in Aurora community and officially work under this name :heart: and placing information about us on Aurora.dev

The team which works with the Ukrainian community

@Plufix - finding new connections, conducting AMA, making up contests, moderating Telegram channel, creating Tik Tok videos

@Murka_luda - translation of texts, news publication, moderation of chat, Twitter account

Plans for the next month :

After spending 1 more month, we realized that activity plays a very important role in the community. We had 2 AMA opportunities but they were both denied. 1 opportunity refused due to the fact that there is no information about us on the official site Aurora.dev. 2 asked for a $ 300 prize for our team is not affordable …

We will still look for various activities to recruit new people (such as AMA / Giveaway).

Also, a Merry Christmas to all


great job, fam!

why didn’t you go to Eastern Europe Guild for support?
we have to help each other in such moments I guess

love your initiative :green_heart:


This is a separate guild, I asked their advice beforehand and we decided that the amount of $ 300 for 2000 users in the group is not quite rational. Thanks for your feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


A cool job has been done. Given the small resources and unfavorable time for the promotion of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, this is a good result. I would pay more attention to the development of short video content on YouTube Shorts, reels on instagram and tik-tok


We want to put a lot of emphasis on tick tock, I think it will give a big influx of new people. But it takes a lot of time and resources. But we will try.


Great job @Plufix :muscle:


Thanks. :green_heart: