[Report] Dzap - A unique DeFi Protocol to Batch Swap Multiple Tokens one Transaction

Project Name - DZap.io

DZap Objective
DZap‘s vision is to enable everyone in the world to effortlessly invest and trade multiple tokens and eventually NFTs on DZap. Our very first mission to develop batch buy/sell/send support for tokens & NFTs by using the best DEX aggregator and marketplace respectively. This aim seeks to optimise investment opportunities in the existing crypto & NFT ecosystem.

Project Overview:

Live Features

  1. Batch Buy: Batch Buy feature enables users to purchase many tokens in a single transaction. In other words, you can buy all the tokens you need at once without having to buy them one at a time. Through Batch Buy, you can “Convert one token to multiple tokens” i.e #onetomany.
  2. Batch Sell: Batch Sell feature enables users to sell more than one token in a single transaction. In other words, you can sell any number of tokens at once without having to swap them one. Through Batch Sell, you can “Convert multiple token to one token”
    i.e #manytoone.
  3. Batch Send: Batch Send feature allows user to send multiple tokens to an address in a single transaction.

Under Development:

  1. Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA): DCA is a long-term strategy, where an investor regularly buys smaller amounts of an asset over a period of time, no matter the price (for example, investing $100 in Bitcoin every month for a year, instead of $1,200 at once). DZap is building a Decentralised DCA approach so that user can start investing without any KYC process. We would introduce LP token and crypto basket to DCA as well.
  2. Multi-to-multi: Through this feature, user will be able to Buy/sell multiple token into other multiple tokens.
  3. NFT Aggregator: Buy/Sell/Send feature for Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

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Project Milestone


Phase 1 (Completed)

  • Ideation and team building.
  • UX/UI prototypes.
  • Release of “Batch Buy” & “Batch Sell” feature of tokens.
  • Auditing of smart contracts & Quality Assessment of the entire product.
  • Release of Beta version with commission fees at 0% i.e FREE.
  • Applying for grants and funds.

Phase 2 (WIP). Timeline for completion: Q4,2022

  • Release “Batch Send” feature of tokens.
  • Release of Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA).
  • Integration of LP tokens.
  • Integration of dashboard with features like “User profile, notification, and transaction history”.
  • Release Batch Selling/Buying/Sending feature of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
  • Release “Convert Multiple tokens into other multiple tokens”

Phase 3 (WIP): Timeline for completion: Q1, 2023

  • Introduction of “Crypto Basket”.
  • Improvisation of features according to user feedbacks & feature requests.
  • Third phase of auditing and quality test.

Phase 4 (WIP): Timeline for completion: Q2, 2023

  • MVP for “Cross-chain staking”

@techdir : Unable to connect to Aurora, only Polygon, Binance and Ethereum,
Can be an unique project in future, in case the team will add more chains, especially Aurora and NEAR, of course:)
Interesting for me, as a user to convert multiply tokens or coins in one single asset. So i could add my whole portfolio bag and sell it to USDT - NOICE!!.
Maybe app will solve so called “crypto dust” problem in wallets.