[Report] deltatheta - options DEX where any trader can buy and sell options on the most volatile crypto assets


deltatheta - options DEX where any trader can buy and sell options on the most volatile crypto assets. You can trade covered options, and margin options will be available on 5th August.

deltatheta and Just2Trade provide p2p options service under brokerage license for institutional clients (hedge funds, banks, etc) also. This service allows customers to trade options in the p2p way in a regulated area. All clients pass KYC/AML and access the p2p ecosystem where they can trade with their wallets. Thus, customers are transparent to brokerage houses. Customers trade from their wallets with others and broker can not freeze their assets. Licensed decentralization.

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Twitter - https://twitter.com/deltatheta_tech

APP - https://deltatheta.tech

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The World’s First Hybrid DEX is Launched by Delta.Theta and Just2trade, Opening Crypto Trading to Major Financial Institutions

project status:

deltatheta in mainnet (BSC, Polygon, Ethereum), AURORA/Near will be available on 5th August.


5th August

  • margin options
  • AURORA/Near
  • several orders in 1 transactions
  • AAVE support for staking on guarantee for options seller (currently we support only Compound)
  • options on LP, st, tokens

How deltatheta can help AURORA/Near community

  • you can trade options (CALL seller) and get additional yield on your portfolio. For example, you bought XX token with higher price. You can put this token in staking OR you can be CALL options seller and get APY 6-20x higher. Moreover this APY will be paid to you at the beginning and in stablecoin.
  • you can use LP or staked tokens (we increase usage of such tokens)

We ask:
25 000 —> liquidity
marketing support


Thank you for your report. Unfortunately, Aurora mainnet has not yet supported, waiting for August 5th :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you please update information on dapp dadar (add Aurora)

Main page

And in partners and investors section ( I have found a great spot for Aurora :grinning: )

Our logo is here:

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 12.28.50 AM

Have a wonderful day!

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Hey! Was about to try you app but couldn’t connect neither to Aurora nor to NEAR :frowning:
Did you mean 5th August 2022?

we have delay. New release date is 19th August.

Noted/ we will update next week

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Thank you! Have a great day!

@techdir : Unable to connect aurora network - only polygon and BSC, no aurora token.
Decentralized American options regular and marginal. There is an internal token and it farms at 40%. The token is utilitarian, it reduces the commission for trading, and it also pays the commission. Not a bad option for options lovers. Judging by the stakes - the platform is been using.

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Good evening! Aurora is not supported …

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keep preparing/ will back next week with updates
anyway you can trade on V2 terminal in other networks


Any updates?

auditors review
at the same time we launched 2 products with StaderLabs on BSC and Polygon

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deltatheta V3 was deployed on Aurora/NEAR.

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