[Report] XDAO - Build your DAO on Aurora



In XDAO a group of people can easily create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), deposit crypto assets, manage them by voting, sell DAO shares and directly interact with DeFi protocols.

In short, XDAO is a fully customizable DAO builder for treasury management, multisig wallet and the platform for investment. DAOs on XDAO can be any-sized companies.


:star: Project:

:small_orange_diamond: dApp: XDAO – MultiChain DAO Ecosystem
:small_orange_diamond: Docs: What is XDAO? - XDAO App
:small_orange_diamond: Github: github.com/xDAO-App

:bell: Our social media:

:small_orange_diamond: Twitter: twitter.com/xdaoapp
:small_orange_diamond: Instagram: instagram.com/xdaoapp
:small_orange_diamond: Medium: XDAO
:small_orange_diamond: YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCC58I-ghebVRepbwVsyJnCQ
:small_orange_diamond: Telegram (channel): t.me/xdaoapp

:speech_balloon: Discussions:

:small_orange_diamond: Telegram :us: t.me/xdao_eng
:small_orange_diamond: Telegram :ru: t.me/xdao_rus
:small_orange_diamond: Telegram :cn: t.me/xdao_cn
:small_orange_diamond: Discord: XDAO Community

Project Status: Completed


:top: We developed and launched 4 modules on Aurora!

:top: 36 DAOs created on Aurora!

Results & Initial Milestones

  • Smart Contracts and Interface integration on Aurora - Completed!
  • Special modules development and integration - Completed!
  • Ecosystem development - 36 DAOs created!

Good evening. Thank you for your report. I have a question regarding Telegram bot

Telegram Bot – Get Telegram notifications every time some action happens in DAO;

Does it support Aurora network and available for our Community members? Thank you.

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@techdir : Good bridge, good swapper. A platform for building a DAO

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sounds great. I would love to explore on it

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