[Report - in progress] Aurora Nigeria August activities

Good day to the AURORA COMMUNITY
The month of August was awesome as we got approval for both community and marketing activities for the Aurora Community in Nigeria as seen in the link below.

This is to make sure Our activities began from the month of September.

During the period of August the 6 sub-teams were able to achieve the following

1)Grow the community to 153 as at 30th August
2) Ensure constant communication with atleast 20% of community active daily
3) Hosted our first AMA section with the dev team leading the pathway. Recordings of the AMA

4) Constant pinning of latest AURORA based news

To follow up, join us here: Telegram: Contact @AuroraNigeria


  1. Ensured Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn growth to 100
  2. Daily post with minimum of 20 interaction on each tweet
  3. creation of educational treads
  4. Posting of education Infograhs and videos
  5. interaction with projects social media handles

To follow up join us on twitter: https://twitter.com/auroranigeria_?s=21&t=yoct_rYDQm9jxU_0_ShYhg

The team were able to translate a few post in relation to important information.
This is an example of work done

GRAPHICS TEAM: The graphics team were able to make

  1. Start the series project of the week and highlighted two project with a detailed 1 page summary
  2. created 2 videos that created thousands of impressions and followers
  3. weekly summary of Aurora ECOSYSTEM and etc.
    Some examples can be found below.

Created 1 article focused on Aurora and the Nigeria developer.
Building on Aurora, A solution to Nigerian Solidity developers | by Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) | Aug, 2022 | Medium

Developer Team. Created 1 Technical content in relation to building on AURORA and also spearheaded the First AMA on AURORA NIGERIA.

Into Aurora_01: Overview. Ethereum experience on NEAR | by Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) | Medium

Currently Running the September campaign and we are getting good response from the community


The month of August was very awesome, good community engagement with important exploration to what Aurora has to offer in the ecosystem. Good Job Team. :v::v::v:

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It was a good month, Looking forward to September activities too.

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Indeed August was wonderful. September will be better…

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huge and great job! thank you @damboy22 and to your team


Hello team! Thank you for report!

Could you please in the next time compare decal aired achievements and actual results ? :grinning:

Aurora Nigeria goals :

  • Weekly Educational/marketing contents of 4 projects built on Aurora in AURORA NIGERIA COMMUNITIES
  • TELEGRAM with 300 active individuals and 300 on twitter, by end of September.
  • 4 written contents containing technical and non technical aspects of AURORA, posted on NEAR/AURORA NIGERIA MEDIUM PAGE and shared on atleast 5 different Nigeria communities and one article will be published on DiutoCoinNews, the second biggest crypto blog in Nigeria and Africa who is a current partner of NEAR NIGERIA
  • 6 translations
  • 12 graphics + 4 videos
  • weekly AMA/TWITTER SPACES section in AURORA NIGERIA and other Nigeria communities
    Collaboration with tech hubs and other relevant bodies in Nigeria cryptosphere
  • offline meetup with 100+ attendees

Current result:

  • TG - 240 members ;
  • Twitter 270 users;
  • Start the series project of the week and highlighted two project with a detailed - 1 page;
  • two videos;
  • one article focused on Aurora and the Nigeria developer;
  • one Technical content in relation to building on AURORA and also spearheaded the First AMA on AURORA NIGERIA.

Form me:

  • Please pay attention to the Aurora Community news stream - source of significant information that should be shared in all Aurora Nigeria Community social media at the same day;
  • It would be great to see collaborations between your guild and Aurora Ecosystem projects and Ecosystem guilds; We need to increase awareness.
  • Quizzes and competitions for Aurora Nigeria Community members. GOAL #1 - organic growing;
    300 members are ok, but the target should be 800-1000 by November :muscle:
  • It’s very important to watch weekly Aurora leaks videos and share the information in Community.
    You organize weekly recorded (instead of 4 videos) Friday meetups, starting with Aurora leaks and then continue with education part where you can talk about Aurora Ecosystem projects?

Thanks for great job.


Thanks that will be looked into


In relation to this, we shouldn’t create weekly videos of various aspects of AURORA???

Or what is your suggested approach


It can be recorded videos for Youtube from Friday’s educational seminars instead of 4 videos. Just proposal for me :blush:


I think we can implement that


Hello friends, September will soon be over, but the report for August is still in progress?

For the whole of August, only one Telegram post with a translation.
The AMA had prizes, but there was no report on who got the prizes.
There is also no information about the various giveaways or how the grant money was spent.


That will be reported in September report as the funds sent were for September activities not August

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Thank you. Have a great day!