[Report] OSSDAO

1. Project Name:
OSS DAO - The Open Source Software DAO
2. The project overview:

Thank all those who contributed to open-source projects that power the entire world.
3. Links on the website, and social media:
Twitter: @OSSDAO
4. Project Status:
5. Highlights:
We sent airdrops to over 50K users on the Aurora network. We also built a bridge between Aurora and BSC. We also reached over 10K followers on Twitter.


If your project needs help with managing community, do reach out to us in Aurora Africa.

We have quality hands to grow, and manage your community.


@techdir it looks like they want to gather the community through drop, and then take out the liquidity by hacking their own bridge. such a story has been seen many times in crypto. to pay attention how the team will lead marketing

Good evening. Thank you for the report! It would be great to hold AMA with your project and see you in Aurora Community group ( pls DM me for the link).

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