[REPORT] Reddit OPS September

Hello :wave:

Previous Proposal: [Approved] Reddit OPS September October

Approved amount: 4000$ for 2 months

Guild: Aurora Reddit

Target wallet : aurorareddit.near

Link to the social media accounts: https://www.reddit.com/r/auroraisnear/

Month : September

It was an exciting month for our Aurora Reddit Community. With our initial KPI of 100 members by end of October we grew the Reddit community from 16 Members to 164 Members!

Below is the report on the growth and our community campaigns for the month of September!

Main tasks which we covered:

  • Shared major events, articles, and news happening in Aurora Ecosystem to keep our community up to date.
  • Interact with various posts that members liked and engaged with.
  • Managed AMAs.
  • Marketing & Event Outreach of Community Events and AMA in different communities and Approaching Projects for AMAs.

Some of the top posts for this month:

Event Details:
Here are some details for the Community Campaigns for September

AMA with Endemic [12-17 September]

We started off our AMA series with Endemic, a Social NFT Marketplace on Aurora with a Discussion on their Roadmap, Endemicle & Endemiverse, and Building in Crypto Winter.
We received a total of 75 Questions and our guests from Endemic went on answering 44 Questions, we’re grateful to them and our community for participating so actively.
We selected 15 Winners from the answered questions.
Here’s the Winner Details
We had around 1700 views from Endemic AMA.

AMA with TriSolaris [21-27 September]

Our second AMA was with TriSolaris, the leading DEX on Aurora to discuss about their upcoming roadmap for H2, Partnership with Axelar and Anything Defi.
We received a total of 68 Questions and our guests answered 25 Questions and we selected them as Winners.
Here’s the Winner Details
We had around 2100 views from Trisolaris AMA.

Meme Contest [16-25 September]

We held a Meme Contest for the community with the topic being “Aurora & Aurora+ Updates announced at NEARCON
We received a total of 56 Memes and were amazed by the huge participation from the Community so we selected a total of 15 Winners instead of just 5.
Here’re the Winner Details

Future plans:

  • More content for our Reddit Community.
  • AMA with Gateio, Huobi, and other CEX Reddit-based communities.

Funds Distribution

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Activity Reward Payouts
Community Moderators $600 for 2 mods
Community Events $150 for meme reward to community
AMA Community Reward $300 for 2 AMA
Marketing & Event Outreach of Community Events and AMA $500

Thank you for your support!
@ell @Alex_J @Vladislav_vl25 @johanga


Thank you very much for the report!

  • I see great progress, please keep going;
  • I hope to see how Reddit team will start implementing the Community growing plan - AMA with exchanges, work with local influencers, with large crypto communities (for example: Avalanche, Polygon);
  • More AMAs with Aurora Ecosystem projects, regional communities;
  • And please pay attention to the Community news stream Telegram: Contact @awesomeaurora .

Thank you!


Awesome job.
Thank you for the cost information.
The AMA in Reddit is a popular destination, if there’s more, it’ll be great.



Already working on it :grinning::raised_hands: Planned an AMA with Gate.io, more details soon!

Yep approaching more and more projects everyday for AMAs :wink:


You mean work with Reddit Influencers? Nice suggestions, Would need to look that up :eyes:
Or we can organize some events with Influencer redirecting them to Reddit! Would plan it in next Proposal!