[REPORT] Reddit OPS October

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Previous Proposal: [Approved] Reddit OPS September October

Previous Month Report: [REPORT]Reddit OPS September

Approved amount: 4000$ for 2 months

Guild: Aurora Reddit

Target wallet : aurorareddit.near

Link to the social media accounts: https://www.reddit.com/r/auroraisnear/

Month : October

It was an exciting month for our Aurora Reddit Community. We have seen tremendous growth in our Reddit Community. After surpassing our initial KPI of 100 members, we grew exponentially and reached 293 Members with 17000+ impressions!

Below is the report on the growth of our community campaigns for the month of October!

The main tasks which we covered:

  • Disseminated major events, articles, and news from the Aurora Ecosystem to keep our community informed.
  • Interact with various posts that members like and engage with.
  • Managed AMAs.
  • Marketing & Event Outreach of Community Events and AMAs in Different Communities and Approaching Projects for AMAs.
  • Posting other communities’ posts and events details.
  • Removing scam posts.

Some of the top posts for this month are:

Event Details:
Here are some details for the Community Campaigns for October

AMA with Different Aurora Ecosystem Projects:

AMA with NEX [06th - 11th October]

We held our first October AMA with NEX, a Perpetual Trading platform with 50x Leverage and with Oracle Pricing Mechanism.
We received a total of 82 Questions and our guests answered 25 Questions and we selected them as Winners.
Here’s the Winner Details
We had around 2500 views from NEX AMA.

AMA with Etherspot [13th -18th October]

We had our 2nd AMA of the month of October with Etherspot. Etherspot is a smart-contract SDK that gives projects access to a multi-chain, non-custodial, Smart Wallet framework.
We received a total of 59 Questions and our guests answered 15 Questions and we selected them as Winners.
Here’s the Winner Details
We had around 2600 views from Etherspot AMA.

AMA with Atmos [19th - 24th October]

We had our 3rd AMA of October with Atmos Protocol. An autonomous & fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol.
We received a total of 123 Questions.
For unforeseeable reasons, Atmos had to cancel its launch on Aurora. So the AMA had to be stopped. Details.
We had around 2000 views from Atmos AMA.

AMA with Dev3 [25th -30th October]

We had our 4th and last AMA of October with Dev3. Dev3 is an open source, low code Blockchain & Web3 App Development and Transaction Automation Framework.
We received a total of 80 Questions and our guests will be answering 15 Questions.
We will share the winner’s details next month as the AMA is yet to be concluded.
We had around 1500 views from Dev3 AMA.

Community Events:

Infographic Contest [12th - 18th October]

We held our Infographic Contest for the community, covering any 2 dApps built on Aurora.
We received a total of 21 entries covering major dApps like TriSolaris, Metapool, Aurigami, Allbridge, Endemic, and many more. We were amazed by the huge participation from the Community.
Here’re the Winner’s Details

Meme Contest [26th October - 2nd November]

The event is still live, so we will share all the status, winner details, and stats about the event in our next report. Funds will be used and distributed under the October month budget.

Future plans:

  • More content and events for our Reddit Community.
  • AMA with Huobi, and other CEX Reddit-based communities.
  • We are already in discussion with the Gate.io Reddit team to organise an AMA in November. We will share more details with the community once the event details are finalized.

Funds Distribution

Activity Reward Payouts
Community Moderators $600 for 2 mods
Community Events $100 for meme reward to community
Community Events $250 for Infographic reward to community
AMA Community Reward $450 for 3 AMA (NEX, Etherspot, Dev3)
Marketing & Event Outreach of Community Events and AMA $500
Total Funds Used(October) $1900
Total Funds Used(September) $1550
Funds Left $4000 - (1550+1990) = $550 which will be used in upcoming months for different events and activities

Thanks, everyone for your support!
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Great, keep up the good work. :blush:



Thank you for such a detailed report.
I like your future plans.