[Report] UnoFarm yield router deploy on Aurora

UNO.farm is a unique autofarming solution with transparent automated strategies and beautiful analytics. Users can easily enter best DeFi yield opportunities and leave their farms for a several months, without need to do recompounding manually.

Unique value proposition:

  • We are providing yield routing, like 1inch but for the liquidity. Therefore solving the problem of constantly changing APYs.
  • Autostrats move liquidity to the best yield source on multiple chains.
  • Reinvests are made with the most optimal time intervals to maximize APY.
  • This leads to outperformance for 50-200% on average comparing with conventional stake & hold.

After fiat gateway integration, we see UNO as an alternative to bank deposits, where each user can choose a suitable farming strategy. As a pivot point for business growth we are going to deliver ready-to-use staking solution for crypto businesses.

Crosschain: Polygon, ETH Mainnet, BSC, Aurora(NEAR), Optimism, Everscale, Metis, Arbitrum, Solana and others

UNO Team

During the last 3 years UnoFarm founders were running crypto development company Mycelium Lab (https://www.mycelium.team/). We’ve helped to create 30+ crypto and DeFi custom products. Having accumulated significant experience in development and marketing, we decided to go to market with our own product – UnoFarm. It was initially started as internal project for our own staking needs.

Certik in progress (Uno Farm - CertiK Security Leaderboard)


:computer: Website: https://uno.farm/
:control_knobs: App: https://app.uno.farm/
:mailbox: Twitter: https://twitter.com/uno_farm
:calling: Telegram: Telegram: Contact @uno_en_chat
:video_game: Discord: Uno.Farm
:card_index_dividers: PitchDeck: http://whitepaper.uno.farm/
:scroll: Onepager: http://onepager.uno.farm
:tv: Video explainer: UNO farm explainer - YouTube

Aurora integration

We’ve started integration adding yield sources, based on Aurora blockchain. First of all we’ve added Trisolaris code into our smart contracts.

Please check on Aurorascan:


UnoFarmFactory - Standard


UnoFarmFactory - Stable


Next steps

We continue to make adjustments on Uno backend and frontend for further integration.


Great work you do.

If you need help with community growth and management, reach out to us in Aurora Africa.

We have quality hands to help.

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Thanks a lot, Israel!

Can you please share you TG ID for our marketing database?


@israel_igboze is my telegram ID


Thanks for sharing, Israel!


You are welcome.
I just joined the TG group :grin:

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@techdir Nice project, the Yield Generator, rebalances rates of return to the average for all.
Didn’t find info about impermanent loss, and impermanent loss protection (ILP) .
APYs in pools are not high, with low liquidity is usually a good thing - causes more trust.
Mostly stablecoins and wrapped tokens are used here.

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Thank you for the report.

  • Could you please add your app on dapp radar, https://dappradar.com/ ?
  • and DeFi lama;
  • It would be great to hold AMA with your project and see you in the Aurora Community group ( pls DM me for the link).
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