[Report] Aries Protocol

Project Name

Aries Protocol

Project overview

Aries Protocol is an advanced lending protocol inspired by Alpaca Finance, Impermax, and various others, designed to maximize the potential of yield farming within the Aurora ecosystem.

Users can participate as lenders or borrowers in isolated lending pools in a permissionless and decentralized manner.

Lenders can supply tokens to any lending pool in Aries to earn passive yield without impermanent loss. Borrowers can deposit LP tokens as collateral in a lending pool to borrow additional tokens in the token pair. This enables borrowers to leverage their LP tokens for even more LP tokens, allowing for leveraged yield farming and enhanced LP rewards.

Links on the website, and social media

https://aries.so | twitter.com/ariesprotocol | Aries Protocol · GitHub

Project Status

In progress.

Highlights and milestones

Currently achieved milestones are:

  • Deploy public service utilities for Aurora, namely the Aries TWAP oracle. We have also deployed a testnet DEX in the early stages of the project for 3rd parties to test with. We have also open sourced our testing utilities

  • Core contracts mainnet deployment - completed

  • Vault and periphery contracts mainnet deployment - completed with support for Trisolaris boosted pools

  • Subgraph deployment - completed

  • UI deployment - largely complete but in progress. We have already deployed a beta version of the UI at https://beta.aries.so but there has been data availability issues that still need to be resolved (APY estimation and so on). It was mainly due to most DEXes on Aurora not having The Graph integration or public APIs, which became a blocker we didn’t expect in our original planning and required us to build custom solutions to source the data we need in the UI

  • Official launch - not completed yet, pending final UI deployment

Stretch goals:

  • add a feature to the UI to allow users to create their own lending pools permissionlessly - completed. We aimed to develop a fully permissionless protocol which would allow anyone to deploy lending pools for any Uniswap-v2 or SushiSwap compatible liquidity pools.

Although we have had a lot of delays in the deployment, we are committed to resolving the UI issues and launching the project.


Thank you for report. Looking forward to seeing the official launch!