[Report] UtanClan

Utan’Clan NFT
NFT project about real orang-utans.

Project Status: The project lives on the blockchain but unfortunately we (the team behind the project) are not able to develop and maintain the project any further. If there is interest from the community to continue the project or relaunch it, we are more than happy to help with these steps.

Short note:
Unfortunately we are not able to continue the project. We spend a lot of time and money but we underestimated the needs to make this project successful. We still have all the important elements ready (pictures, video’s, website) but there is a lack of community and without a community there is no project. We will leave the NFTs on the blockchain for now. Maybe there is someone who is willing to continue the project.
Our team has fallen apart a bit since we all needed to find another source of income. We are still in contact with each other and can share around ideas but we are not active anymore. It is a great disappointment to us but we had no choice but to decide to stop after all the time and money we have invested in this project.

Hi all,

Here’s an update on Utan’Clan.
We have worked hard over the past period to make Utan’Clan a success. An overview of some activities:

  • We have drawn a unique collection with many rarities.
  • We have a special partnership, with which we are connected to real orangutans.
  • We have developed a smart contract for the minting of the NFTs on Aurora.
  • We have done a lot of marketing, including:

Utan’Clan Launches Orangutan-focused Collection With 6,500 Randomly-Generated NFTs
Marketing via NEAR insider: https://mobile.twitter.com/near_insider/status/1506645911082274821
1Drop: https://www.1drop.site/listing?recordId=recVCynVdOakEccg8
NFTvibe: https://nftvibe.io/utanclan-world-nft/
Earlycoins: NFTWatcher: Rarity Tools And Upcoming NFT Collections - NFT Calendar
Upcomingmints: https://mobile.twitter.com/upcoming_mints/status/1505371044928016387
NFTnews: https://nftnewstoday.com/2022/03/15/utanclan-nfts-connected-to-real-orangutans/
NFTFeedApp: https://www.nftfeed.app/ethereum/projects/utanclanworld
Upcoming NFTs: https://upcomingnft.net/event/utanclan/
Nearity: https://mobile.twitter.com/Nearity_org/status/1503589521996521474

We have also developed some promotional material, such as:

So a combination of paid news and free news, and a combination of NEAR/Aurora focused websites and other websites.

Initially we also had quite a few whitelist registrations, whereby we thought we would certainly sell a good number of NFTs. However, this sale failed to materialize completely.

On the minting day we had a mistake in the smart contract and we lost momentum. It also turned out that almost 99% of the whitelisted people assumed that it was for sale via another blockchain. Minting via Aurora unfortunately turns out to be a very complex task for many and we know that many have dropped out because of this (there where quite some questions during the minting period). The result is that we have sold virtually nothing.

In the meantime, we have started the development of the game which is live on game.utanclan.io. However, due to the poor sales, there is also no action and we couldn’t finish all the developments which needed extra investments.

We have looked at several avenues to continue the project, but we don’t really see any good opportunities to do so. As a team we have invested a lot of time and money in this project, but the result is very disappointing. Unfortunately, we can only conclude that it failed. In addition, there are other factors, such as the war in Ukraine, the need for income for teammates with children, etc., so that we see no option to continue the project. Because we all need to earn money, the team fall apart because most are working on different projects or took another job.

We are very grateful to Aurora for the opportunity that has been given to us. Unfortunately, we were unable to live up to the high expectations. We hope you realize that we have put in our full effort, but that unfortunately we simply did not succeed.

There may be a group within the Aurora community that can follow up on this project based on the work that has been done. A relaunch may be an option… and we’re open to discussing it. We have come to realize that we are unable to do this. Our team really seems to be missing something to do this well. There may be a group that does have the knowledge and skills to do this well. We can then, of course, transfer material or work together in some other way.

I’m sorry to say but if there is no one who believes in this project this will probably be the last message of us. NEAR/Aurora continues to have a special place in our hearts and part of the team is also working on new projects on NEAR/Aurora. Hopefully we can still add something to the blockchain in the future. And even though utanclan was not successful, maybe our marketing contributed to its growth as we promoted it in many places. Thank you all!


Maybe working with the NFTCLUB could help?


Good morning. Thank you for your report. How Community can help to Utan Clan project?