[Report] WePiggy Lending Protocol

1. Project Name:
2. The project overview:
WePiggy is an open source, non-custodial crypto asset lending market protocol. In WePiggy’s market, users can deposit their crypto assets to earn interest, or borrow others by paying interests.
WePiggy has been deployed on various well-known public chains and Layer 2 networks, realizing the exchange and lending of cross-chain assets.
3. Links on the website, and social media:
Twitter: @wepiggydotcom
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @wepiggy
Medium: https://wepiggy-com.medium.com
Discord: WePiggy
4. Project Status:
5. Highlights:
WePiggy team proposed a specific plan for WePiggy to be deployed on Aurora and was approved by the community.
WePiggy Is Coming to Aurora, Bring Multi-Chain Lending Protocol to NEAR | by WePiggy.com | Medium
WePiggy official launched on Aurora and enable the liquidity mining program on March 24.
WePiggy Launches on Aurora Mainnet Soon! | by WePiggy.com | Medium
Aurora exclusive event “WePiggy’s Billionaires” activity for users to win exclusive NFT “AuroraPiggy”.
“WePiggy’s Billionaires” WPC Mining Competition on Aurora Begins! | by WePiggy.com | Medium


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@techdir Multichain Crypto Bank, regulated by the DAO. There is an internal token, it is also used to bridge between different blockchains. There’s lending and borrowing - not a bad percentage of pharma relative to debt. There’s also an inner NFT marketplace.