[Report] XP.Network Multi-Chain NFT Bridge grant delivery report

Aurora Grant Delivery Report

Please, follow the GitHub link to the public repository to view the delivery report:

Thank you very much for the detailed report. Looks like all milestones achieved.

  • Could you please update information about Aurora (supported network) on Dapp radar ?

  • on DeFi Lama https://defillama.com/

  • It would be great to hold an AMA with XP.Network for our Community (I already connected with your CM :slightly_smiling_face:)

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@techdir It’s stated as cross-chain NFT bridge. BUT if there are problems and you contact to support - admins ask to send them DM with smart-contract and NFT, they say - in order to check it by them personally, they promise to fill collections manually within a week - that is totally unacceptable in crypto community at the moment

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