[Rejected] Blog post series on AktaryTech.com about Aurora as a great EVM solution and ecosystem

AktaryTech is a blockchain development service provider that builds Web3 solutions for anything clients need. Our dedicated US-based team of engineers and project managers is ready to build dApps, DeFi, bridges, trading solutions, CeFi, CEX trading solutions, and more. We’ve recently put more energy into marketing, and part of that effort involves writing blog posts:


We are proposing to dedicate a post to the Aurora chain and ecosystem. It will be promoted along with our other projects, including Shardeez.com which is an NFT in an Aurora Marketplace.

Our client engagement is wide in crypto, and these posts are likely to be read by the right target audience that has the ability to deploy dApps to new chains. The post will cover all aspects of Aurora with a focus on how people can bring their NFTs, dApps and Assets from other EVMs. Also about how AktaryTech can help teams build and launch on Aurora.

Please read some of our past articles for the depth and writing quality that we have:

We strategically use keywords for search engine optimization of our blog and website. You can see here how we are the #1 result, with a featured snippet, for a google search of “cross-chain bridge developers”.

Our site gets ~1,000 active monthly users, with 67% of traffic US-based and Web3 targeted. We’ve recently hired a new Head of Marketing who will continue to grow these metrics.

Amount requested: $1500 USD in AURORA

Timeline to Completion: 3-4 weeks

NEAR Wallet: shardeez.near

Thank you for reading the proposal. Consider working with AktaryTech in helping promote Aurora within blockchain communities.


Good evening! Thank you for your proposal.

How many posts ? Thanks

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Hey @ell thanks for your response. I think a 2-part series would cover it. First, all about Aurora as a chain, how it will scale with NEAR Sharding, how the accounts and smart contracts work, and network activity. Then second, about the ecosystem–Aurora Plus, DeFi, NFTs, an overview of what’s available vs. what still needs to be built and how to get started on that. Obviously we’ll promote from inside, but our research and writing quality will make these great resources to share from your side too.

Hello @Shardeez
Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.

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Any feedback about why the proposal failed would be appreciated.