[Approved] Aurora Chinese November & December

Hi, Aurora fam!

@ell @Alex @johanga

Thanks for all the support at first!

In October, we started a new Aurora CN guild, and with more than 100% growth for both Aurora CN Twitter & Aurora Community.

We also held online and offline events to grow awareness and keep the community active. Check out Oct report below:

It’s a hard time for the industry to go through. So here we update our budget for Nov and Dec based on the marketing situation.

Funding scheme

For this, we are requesting the following funding from Nov & Dec:
USD $4600/month
USD $9200 for two months


1/ Twitter: at least 25k impressions/ monthly with a total of 1500 followers

2/ Telegram: at least 1000 members

3/ Community events: at least 8 events in total
(Including at least 2 AMA with Aurora projects/ Weekly quiz/ Reachout for collaborations with our Chinese community)

4/ Medium: Weekly Report * 4 per/month + Blog Localization and Translation *4 per/month

5/ Deep insights(Twitter thread)*2 per month

6/ Devs event: solidity course

7/ Publish Aurora community news stream thoroughly in all platforms: Twitter, Telegram, medium, Wechat & Weibo(All the content all share to NEAR China Twitter/ Telegram groups)

Wallet ID: auroracn.near

Thanks for reading, and feel free to give suggestions!

NEAR CN/ Aurora CN


In addition to the proposal of Aurora China Guild for the coming months, we would like the community considers Fei’s @Fei contribution to Aurora Chinese community in September and reward him the funding of $2,200 accordingly: [Closed] Aurora China Guild Budget [September 2022] - #4 by Fei


I can support $3000 monhly budget without Medium and Dev support. Thank you


Hi Alex @Alex_J

Thank you for your advice and understand Aurora’s budget cuts during the market downturn.

Although the budget is lower than expected, we decided to support all the above items after discussion.

Hope to accompany Aurora team& community to get through this challenging period with practical actions :heart:

So excluding the developer community and Medium content translation, we hope to apply for a monthly budget of 3100$. The total for November & * December is 6200$.

Wallet ID: auroracn.near


Hello! Unfortunately, I can’t support this part of your proposal.

Happy to support! :sparkling_heart: Thank for great job @Fei and help on official discord channel.