[Approved] Aurora Chinese January & February 2023

Hi, Aurora fam! @ell @johanga

Report Review

Here are our reports for November and Dember.

What we did great:

  • Event: 11 (3 in November and 8 in December), exceeded the KPI by 37.5%

  • Medium: 21 (12 in November and 9 in December), exceeded the KPI by 62.5%

Some Feedbacks:

  • For Twitter, followers reached 1040 with 44% organic growth than in November 2023. This is below our expectations because of the market volatility.

  • We also found that members are more used to sharing and discussing Aurora-related content in the NEAR Chinese community than in the Aurora Chinese community.
    Despite the slow growth in the Aurora Chinese community, the NEAR Chinese community is up about 15% points from November. This means that the Aurora news is being seen by more ppl. We will also continue to grow the number of Aurora Chinese community members over the next two months.

Funding scheme

Based on our experience with the Aurora community operation in the last two months, we are here to present our budget request for January and February.

USD $3000/month

USD $6000 for two months

Wallet ID: auroracn.near


1/ Twitter: at least 25k impressions/ monthly with a total of 1500 followers before March

2/ Telegram: reach 500 members in Aurora Chinese community

3/ Community events: at least 8 events in two months

(Including 2 AMA/ Weekly quiz/ Meme/ Corporate with KOL or other community)

4/ Medium: Weekly Report * 4 per/month + Blog Localization and Translation *4 per/month

5/ Publish Aurora community news stream thoroughly in all platforms: Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Discord(China Channle in Aurora Offical Discord) & Wechat(Will share important news to NEAR China Telegram groups too)

Just in case you forgot, we haven’t received the November and December grants yet. If you have any questions about our proposal, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

NEAR CN/ Aurora CN


Happy to support you! We also need your help with the discord channel and our blog (translation into Chinese). Thanks!


Noted! Thanks ell

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Your proposal is approved


@murphy please wait for direct message on the forum from me. Thanks!

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