[Approved] Aurora Community Dashboard - December to March 2023

Hello team, it’s all been exciting with the new launches and developments coming on to the Aurora Ecosystem.

Sharing a list of Changes & Development

Additions of:

  • New UI design & frontend
  • dApp Listing
  • Integration of ‘Swag Store’ & ‘Tip Bot’
  • Sort and Clickable option added in dApps
  • Addition of Metadata
  • Mobile Compatibility Added
  • Near Social Analytics
  • Addition of Growth Comparison Tab (Aurora, Avalanche, Polygon)
  • Integration of Google Analytics
  • LinkedIn API integration
  • Addition of Guide & Verifications under dApps

Apart from this:

  • Testing
  • Major Bug Fixing

Payment Details

Amount: $7500
Wallet: dineshkruplani.near

Ell- @ell

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Thank you for great job. Happy to support.

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Your proposal is approved

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Thank you @ell @Alex_J

Super excited to work on upcoming features!

Thank you!