[Approved] Community Dashboard Updates


We are excited to present a funding request to the Aurora Community for the recent updates made to the Aurora Community Dashboard. These updates include the integration of an gpt -powered chatbot, extensive training with data from the Aurora Ecosystem, the development of a Community OnChain Data Dashboard for comprehensive data analysis of community wallets, the addition of a Proposal Dashboard for streamlined fund management, and an updated Live Data tab providing real-time social insights.

Pain Points

The Aurora Community Dashboard plays a crucial role as a central hub for community members to access vital information and engage with the Aurora Ecosystem. However, we believe that Aurora should be at the cutting edge of innovation and experimentation, and the addition of AI will enhance the platform. Secondly, the lack of a dedicated Proposal Tab makes it challenging to track funding proposals, manage fund disposal, and generate comprehensive financial reports, potentially causing delays and mismanagement of community funds. Additionally, the inability to understand the on-chain activities of community wallets makes it difficult to assess the impact of community traffic on the ecosystem. Lastly, the existing Live Data tab falls short in providing real-time social insights from other protocols within the Aurora Ecosystem, hampering the community’s ability to make informed decisions and stay updated with the latest trends and developments.

Additions and Updates

To address these pain points and enhance the Aurora Community Dashboard, the following additions and updates have been implemented:

Proposal Dashboard: A dedicated Proposal Tab has been added to the dashboard, providing community members with a streamlined approach to create, track, and manage proposals and funds of the ecosystem. This addition improves fund management processes, reduces manual efforts, and enhances transparency and accountability within the community.

OnChain Data Dashboard: We have developed a comprehensive Community OnChain Data Dashboard that provides detailed data analysis of community wallets within the Aurora Ecosystem. This dashboard offers valuable insights into on-chain activities, allowing community leaders and members to make data-driven decisions, track key performance indicators, and gain a deeper understanding of the ecosystem’s dynamics.

g pt -powered chatbot: We have integrated of g pt and training it with extensive data from the Aurora Ecosystem. This chatbot ensures users receive accurate and timely responses, enhancing the overall user experience and fostering better engagement within the community. This bot is yet in beta and we are constantly training it with new data to make sure it’s upto date and provides accurate information.

Updated Live Data Tab and UI changes: The UI has been one the major changes we’re looking to work on to make sure the user experience is seamless. The Live Data tab has undergone a changed to offer real-time social insights of other protocols within the Aurora Ecosystem.

Other Hygiene development, maintenance support, backend optimisation, testing and bug fixing, deployment and hosting. These measures ensure the stability, security, and smooth operation of the Aurora Community Dashboard.

Funding Amount

To support the continued development and maintenance of the Aurora Community Dashboard, we kindly request a funding amount of $8,000 + $800 (10%) as slippage amount. Total amounting to $8,800.

Wallet - dineshkruplani.near

We firmly believe that these updates will strengthen the Aurora Community’s ability to collaborate, make informed decisions, and contribute effectively to the growth of the Aurora Ecosystem. Your support will play a vital role in driving the community’s success and advancing the adoption of the Aurora platform.

Thank you for considering our funding request. We look forward to your positive response and the opportunity to further enhance the Aurora Community Dashboard.

Thank you for your proposal. Moving to approved.

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