[Report] Aurora Filipino (Nov 10 - Dec 10)

Previous proposal
([Approved] Aurora filipino - November/December )

Approved amount in $
$1100 (November 10 - December 10 [1 Month])

Currently Report: November

Guild name:
Aurora Filipino


Main Content

(Aurora Filipino – Medium)

*Ang Aurora ecosystem ay isinama na ngayon sa Fireblocks | by Jay | Aurora Filipino | Nov, 2022 | Medium

*Pagkukumpara at Pagsuri ng iyong puhunan sa DeFi sa Isang Dashboard kasama ang Skytale | by Jay | Aurora Filipino | Nov, 2022 | Medium)

*Inilabas ng Aurora ang Engine 2.8.0 na Bersyon nito | by Jay | Aurora Filipino | Dec, 2022 | Medium

*Ang Native USDC sa NEAR at ang mga implikasyon nito Sa Rainbow Bridge at Aurora | by Jay | Aurora Filipino | Dec, 2022 | Medium

Aurora Geek-Aide Builder

[ Private Meet Up with the Geek-Aide Team Anton, Z, L, BLJ with Josh #Aaurora CM]
[ All About Aurora with Anton G-A Team Leader - Telegram: Contact @AuroraFilipinoNEWS]

Giveaway & Contest

1 (Aurora Filipino Short Quiz )Telegram: Contact @AuroraFilipinoNEWS
2 (Aurora Filipino Article Contest)Telegram: Contact @AuroraFilipinoNEWS
3 (Aurora Filipino Short Quiz) Telegram: Contact @AuroraFilipinoNEWS
4 (Aurora Filipino Open Forum) Telegram: Contact @AuroraFilipinoNEWS
5 (Aurora Filipino Open Forum) Telegram: Contact @AuroraFilipinoNEWS
6 (Aurora Filipino Short Quiz ) Telegram: Contact @AuroraFilipinoNEWS

Tinkerino Winner Article

Jamie Winner Article

Total Giveaway budget executed

Grant distribution

Article Contest 100x2 : 200
Weekly Forum 100 $Aurora x 4 : 160
Quiz 25 $Aurora x 4 : 40
Aide Expenses: 100
Geek Expenses: 100
Grand Total___600$

Staff distribution

Community Manager: @jaymcrypto
Facebook Manager: Yen
Telegram: @Josh

Medium Writers

Tinkerino ([spoiler]Medium)
Ash ([spoiler]Medium)
Gillie (I'am Jami2017 – Medium)
Micheal Angelo Albano ([spoiler]Medium)
XPaul ( [spoiler]Medium )
JayMcrypto ( https://0xjaymcrypto.medium.com/ )

Daily Content / Growth

Twitter (@aurorafilipino)


Followers: 301 (+12%)
Tweets: 13
Impressions : 2.2K impressions
Profile visits: 24.3K
Mentions: 116

###Facebook Page (Redirecting…)
*Likes 400
*Followers 612 (+19%)

##Telegram News Channel - (Telegram: Contact @AuroraFilipinoNEWS):

  • Followers: 58
  • News posted: 138

Telegram Group (Telegram: Contact @AuroraFilipino)


  • October: 488 (+8.6 %)


Active users 330 (72.69%)
New users 39
Avg. DAU 15
Avg. daily msgs. 81
Avg. hourly msgs. 5
Total Messages 2516


Hey, thanks for great job team!



thanks for your report and the activity!
glad to see every weekend your weekly plan,

December was a difficult month for all the Twitter accounts
so I can understand these numbers

would be happy to receive your feedback as well :slight_smile:

have a great day!


As any other guild is in the diet since this SBF and another crypto FUD, we cannot push through our goals. We and my co-guild are driving on the other side instead we are going on Facebook and telegram as Is we can at least lower the Average Cost per User if you will add these three social platform handles we are managing cost will around the month of December-January be 0.34 or so~ as we indicated on our proposal for the community growth that we will push offline learnings and 10% monthly for the growth.

For the month of November - December - January 10 Telegram is around 440 Members, adding 92 to make it 100% Total should be about 532

For Facebook November - December - January 10 Facebook should have at least 484 to make it 100%, but we made more than 210% of the target

For Twitter 301 Last Month we made around +12% since this Crypto FUD is diminishing crypto people but still, we made a great coupe at December - January target should be around 300 followers and so we did more than the month of November - December for the month of December - January at 125%.

In Average Acquisition Cost per user will be 0.3495 (394/1000)