[Approved] Aurora Community X Chainbay - Community Management upgrade


This offer will cover all of the services discussed with you, to build, manage & grow your
community’s membership &/or engagement.

1) Community Management and Moderation
● We’ll deploy one mod part-time showing to your team depending on what is the biggest
lacking in terms of style.
● We’ll show your team our style of events AMA / Challenges etc …
● Weekly Mystery shoppers - on various platforms (Telegram + Discord)

2) Custom Analytics & Insights
● You will have ongoing access to our analytics & insights reports on demand + Monthly
● This provides quantitative insights on your community engagement, conversations, power
users & general insights into server activity which cannot be extracted from Discord’s native
● These insights will cover the server as a whole and the activities of NFT holders more
specifically. It’s including AI sentiment analysis.
● We’ll also add analytics and report on your Telegram and Helsccout (not the same software).

3) Security, Auditing & Testing
● Weekly security audits by our team of Crypto security experts, biasing toward a ‘least
privilege’ strategy.

● We will review all of the server’s backend permissions, conduct testing, Mod spoofing, and
other Red Team assessments to harden the server.
● Mystery shoppers on telegram with monthly report

4) Strategy & Advisory Services - Including Server Revamp
● Weekly check-ins with you & other ad hoc meetings as required, to guide & advise you on
your community strategy and approach
● Broader support on your other social channels e.g. Telegram, Twitter.
● At no additional cost, we will provide you with a server design revamp & update, as per our
original server audit.

5) Training
● Custom training for your existing Mod Team as required
● We will provide any additional training for your Community Manager(s) as required
● Access to Chainbay’s Guide to Discord Management

Description Rate
Community Management and Moderation Included
Custom Analytics & Insights

Security, Auditing & Testing Included
Strategy & Advisory Services + Server Revamp Included
Team Training & Education Included

Funding schedule:

Funding period Day of payment USD (will be paid in $AURORA equivalent)
April 2023 Within 7 (seven) business days after the Effective date 5,000 USD
May 2023 Within 7 (seven) business days after the last day of funding period 5,000 USD
June 2023 Within 7 (seven) business days after the last day of funding period 5,000 USD
TOTAL 15,000 USD

Near wallet: 805956c233a6927f8888c056f08c230707493e28522ff7b4372df2edf55a30d7


I’m not sure who your target audience is; is it the guild and community leaders, or is this a proposal to the Aurora marketing team? However, have you checked? If not, try checking out will provide you with more information about what you propose.

Like you data driven analytics solution

Your proposal is approved

Great thanks

Happy to approve! Please wait for a DM on the forum