[Approved] Aurora Filipino October 10 to November 10

>Who we are:

Jay, from the philippines its has been my passion on building community and development, ive been in the space since 2018, started as Assistant moderator for a arabic KOL community. From there i push my self to the limit to learn more about this blockchain and cryptocurrencies,fast track ive read NEAR in the early of 2020 i was amaze as a L2 fan, but then i came accross with other another project and got employed in as a community manager.
Josh is a software developer, he helps on Telegram moderation, and editing of Visual Contents
Chris will also be a Telegram Moderator and helps with the statistics and Twitter Moderation
Yen is our Medium Blog Writer,Translator and Guide but will also help on Growth

>The Problem:

  • We and my team would like to build an organic community where our dialect will be our primary language
  • Document translation, Guides and blogs
  • Visual Community Marketing
  • Content Marketing

>Goals and Objectives:

  • Build and engage to a Local Community for the Philippines on different social media platforms ( Twitter,Telegram,Facebook, & Medium)
  • Publishing Medium Translations,or guides to be posted on all social Media made by the community
  • Create Visual or Content Events for the community
  • On-Board KOL’s for Invite friends & earn AURORA
  • Help new on-board users on all Social Media

>Expected impact and value for the Aurora community
Funding Scheme (Monthly)

*1500 new organic user across all handle social media Community
*Active Aurora PH community
*Qualitiy articles and content creation
*Organic Events, Partnership and Collaboration
*To expect this Month from 0 to 500 Twitter follower, 500 Organic Telegram Members and 500 in Facebook and atleast 50 Medium Subs. (~10% montly Increase, Month by Month)

>Funding Details

Moderator: 300*3 = 900
Community Manager : 500
Marketing Purpose: (15 Atleast on Telegram,Twitter, Meta, Medium) 600

Wallet Address: Aurorafilipino.near

> For KYC purpose:

Near Wallet ID: Aurorafilipino.near
Name: Jay
Telegram handle: @jaymcrypto
Email: Aurorafilipino@gmail.com

Note: We wont take any compensation unless we got those targets, if marketing will cost 2000 then we will standby for the next compensation if there will be another take outs :slight_smile:

Our Small Community aurorafilipino | Twitter, Facebook | Linktree


Thank you very much for your proposal. I believe your experience in building Communities on Avax will be valuable for us, and you can bring more great contributors to our Ecosystem :heart:


Thank you so much sir @ell , we wont promise anything, yet you can keep in mind that the job is done.
We the team has some more exciting things to do with the community and will implement once we are on-board :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Hello, We are glad to see representatives of the Filipino community on our forum.


My pleasure be on board sir, and glad i was on the right place :call_me_hand:


Building out regional hubs for Aurora is of the upmost importance. Good work Jay.


Indeed it is, and Our pleasure building one. Thank you sir :heart:


Proposal is approved