[Rejected] AURORA Philippines - September to October 2022

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I am K from the Philippines, my telegram handle is: @kc_pesce - similar with my twitter. I wear several hats in the ecosystem, and together with the team, we aim to establish the AURORA Philippines Guild :philippines:

Team members: @maryrazel @Mido4bs @NirvanaRaf @quiapogi @saii @SGartsypix @runesofuttoria

About Us

Our team consists of 8 members that are skilled in different fields. We are passionate about fostering and educating about what we represent through building the community, social media, cultivate talents to interact with the dapps and providing a remarkable and friendly environment for our fellow - both neophytes and OGs.

We set up our social media accounts last month to experiment with the areas we should focus on more, to grow our audience and community, and to measure the KPIs and strategies that will be most effective for us.

AURORA Philippines Telegram
AURORA Philippines Twitter
AURORA Philippines Medium
AURORA Philippines Instagram
AURORA Philippines Facebook page - about to make
AURORA Philippines LinkedIn - about to make

Proposal Summary

One nation in Southeast Asia with strong potential and rapid mass acceptance for Web 3 is the Philippines. With this in mind, we want to become a hub that teaches our citizens about AURORA, how to use and engage with the different dapps in it, and how to help the ecosystem and our members make the most of it. Recruit individuals, translate and disseminate the news, and develop community initiatives to inform them more about AURORA.

Funding scheme: Bi-monthly

How can it be solved?

  • Creating a Telegram channel
  • Creating a Twitter account
  • Make educational content that can be shared on our socials and channels
  • Make translated contents
  • Generate community activities that will help respective dapps in AURORA
  • Onboard members from various platform especially from Facebook where most of the Filipinos are active
  • Connect with local influencers to work with us
  • Create visual materials
  • (High chance) Do an offline event
  • Host AMA sessions
  • Represent AURORA in Philippine Blockchain Week

Success metrics:

  • 10 AURORA trivia contents that can be shared in our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram
  • 5 independent contents
  • 10 in-depth articles about the trivias that will be shared in our Medium
  • Up to date translation from all of the AURORA channels for the whole month
  • Onboard 20 to 30 members a month in our Telegram
  • Increase Twitter followers with 10 to 20 new followers
  • 50 Facebook followers once the account is made
  • 2 to 4 community events a month (for Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Instagram)
  • 2 to 3 AMA per month with projects inside AURORA
Funding Details
Content creation (independent articles, trivias and translations) $1,500
AMA hosting $1,000
Community manangement (community moderators, social media marketing, community events, helping AURORA NFT projects) $3000
Designer (banners and templates) $1,000
Operations Cost $1,000
Total amount requested (to be used for 2 months) $7,500

For KYC purpose:

Near Wallet ID: kcpesce.near
Name: K
Telegram handle: @kc_pesce
Email: auroraisnearph@gmail.com

Thank you very much! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hi Team,

Glad to be part of this group! :fire:


Let’s bring our Filipino friends to Aurora! Let’s go.

Happy to be part of this team!

Glad to be part of this team! LFG🔥

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What amount will be allocated for contests in order to attract new participants? Do you have new users in the ecosystem who are not from the Near community? Have you managed to connect new Aurora+ accounts with the community?
Thx :relaxed:

Unfortunately we cannot provide you a grant for now.