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Good day Team, I Hope you guys are doing great.
The last 2 months of 2022 ended the harsh Months of the year, with FUD and Scams everywhere.

But we keep it Tight and keep our heads up.
For this quarter I would like to propose adding new roles to my proposal I would like to add 2 a Graphic Designer and a Moderator

Funding scheme:

Proposal Summary
[Approved] (November - December 2022) Aurora Filipino
([Approved] (November - December 2022) Aurora Filipino)

Metrics/KPIs to track results

  • Content Translation in Telegram, Facebook, medium, and Twitter
  • Quiz (Weekly)
  • 10% Growth by Monthly
  • 4 Articles Recap by the Community
  • Hold AMAs with other Non-Ecosystem local communites or DEX/CEX and other Local Crypto Communities (1-2 times a Month)

>Expected impact and value for the Aurora community

  • Target 4000 new organic users across all handle social media Communities (Target to Reach 4000 Members/ Followers on Each Social Media)
  • 2x AMA for non-ecosystem (Offline/Online Group) and 2x For Ecosystem Projects
    *Active Aurora PH community
    *Quality articles and content creation
    *Organic Events, Partnerships, and Collaboration

Funding Details: 2 months

  • Community Manager: 2x300
  • Marketing Purposes: 600$

Grand Total / Monthly: 12000$

*Monthly Budget: 1200$
Total Cost: 2 Months x 1200$ = 2400$

KYC Purposes
Near wallet: aurorafilipino.near

Name: Jay Mark
Telegram handle: Telegram: Contact @JayMCrypto
Email: /

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Unfortunately we cannot approve the grant

Good day @Alex_J we just decided to edit the said proposal if it will be accepted. Kindly review again thank you