[Approved] Aurora Hunters June

Greetings! The Aurora Hunters are thrilled to present our proposal for the upcoming month of June. We aim to develop further and raise awareness of the Aurora ecosystem by organizing diverse activities and events.

Community Name: Aurora Hunters

Members :
@Expert :mage:
@techdir :man_mage:
@MaxKott :kissing_cat:
@Tolmindev :man_artist:
@Lazybones :chains:
@Luchito :zap:

Previous Proposal and Report:

Social media:



Community dApps development and support:
Community games (2048, WORDL) and bots

Updating and administration @auroraexpert_bot:

  • Gathering information for updates, checking data relevance, and writing technical tasks.
  • Working with the code, making updates to the code of the bot according to the technical tasks. Moderation of the bot and the server.

Updating and administering @aisupp_bot:

  • Working with the code, making updates to the bot code. Moderation of the bot and the server.
  • Providing community members with quick and easy access to AI tools.

Updating and administering @tip_help_bot:

  • Working with the code, making updates to the bot code. Moderation of the bot and the server.
  • Developing the bot’s code and adding updates by involving developers.
  • Writing technical tasks. Increasing transactions by means of bot development.

Support in quest campaigns on engagement platforms (Zealy, Galxe, QuestN, Layer3, TaskOn) :

  • concept, platform selection, testing, moderation, debriefing, reward payment.
  • Monitoring the execution of tasks on the quest sites.
  • Collection of data on the results of the events.

Checking community chats for bots:

  • Checking chats for dead accounts and bots manually, calculating percentages, and entering them in spreadsheets.

Administering chats:

Additional administrative tasks:

  • Collecting data for Hunters, and compiling reports. Checking applications, tasks, and quests.
  • Gather any questions or issues regarding quests across all platforms and report any bugs to a functional chat.

dApp testing:

  • Hallway testing of the ecosystem dApps.
  • Testing newcomers
  • Weekly dApps overview.
  • Posting dApp reviews on social media platforms (Aurora Hunters Twitter and TG)

Host of Hunters Voice:

  • Preparation for the voice session. Free talk of the community members and special guests from the inner ecosystems or from the other blockchains on the Aurora Hunters Russian Chat.

Chat administration:

  • Answering questions from community members, informing and helping with ecosystem issues.
  • Posting, reposting, and removing spam, etc.
  • Preparing for AMAs and Voices.

Additional administrative tasks:

  • Gathering information for Aurora Hunters and creating proposals and reports.
  • A guest speaker at ama sessions of various projects, on various platforms (twitter, discord, telegram, etc.)



  • Daily preparation and posting of news for the Aurora community news channels.

Aurora dApps check:

  • Research and analysis of dApps on Aurora.
  • Weekly Aurora dApps check

TG Manager assistance:

  • distribution of inquiries

Electric capital report:

  • distribution of inquiries
  • form filling assistance
  • record-keeping


  • adding projects to the Aurora ecosystem on DappRadar

Aurora Voice:

  • Connections with the different blockchain teams and arranging voice chats.

Additional tasks:

  • Development of strategies for increasing community engagement
  • Connection with the ecosystem’s team members for the “How it Works” ama sessions.


  • Responsible for all designing captivating graphics and visuals for Aurora Hunters and Aurora Community marketing campaigns, events, and games.

Aurora agent on different blockchains:

  • A summary of a number of blockchains, checking their activity.
  • Checking the growth dynamics of official social networks.
  • Shilling tip bot and other Aurora Products in other blockchain networks to increase transactions on the Aurora network.


Moderation of chat rooms on Telegram:

Additional administrative tasks:

  • Gather any questions or issues regarding quests across all platforms and report any bugs to a functional chat.

Some social media metrics:

Twitter monthly growth

Medium monthly growth

Telegram monthly growth

Aurora 2048 game

Wordle Aurora game

Aurora Community Tipbot

Funding details

Rewards for activities in chats:
2 000 Aurora - weekly Hunters Voice
2 000 Aurora - Active weekly user with Community bot
20 000 Aurora - insentivisation of Tipbot in chats for its shilling
1 000 USD - for Zealy, TaskOn rewards
24 000 Aurora ~ 2 000 USD
Total amount: 3 000 USD

Bots development:
@aisupp_bot - 600 USD
@tip_help_bot: 600 USD
@auroraexpert_bot - 300 USD
Total amount: 1 500 USD

@Expert - 1 300 USD
@Techdir - 700 USD
@MaxKott - 1 000 USD
@Tolmindev - 1 500 USD
@Lazybones - 300 USD
@Luchito - 300 USD
Total amount: 5 100 USD

Slippage - 400 USD

Total Funding: 10 000 USD
Aurora Address: 0x21f2D31D31adeF0aF6bC8616319a53560cDE09EA


Thank you for great job! Happy to support your proposal!


Hello! Could you please share report? Thank!

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Sure. Here it is