[Approved] Aurora Hunters April - May 2023

Hello, Aurora community!

We, the Aurora Hunters, are excited to submit our proposal for the months of April and May. Our goal is to continue to build and promote the Aurora ecosystem through various activities, events, and community engagement.

Previous Proposal and Report:

Social Media:

Members and summary scope of Hunters production:


  • l Focus on Dapp Radar and UAW.

  • Developing and running quests on Telegram and Twitter.

  • Writing medium guides and other educational materials (guides for all live apps on Auorora must be written by the end of May), * Moderating Telegram, AMA, Twitter and other chats.

  • Assist community and guild leaders with tip bot, creating and distributing tips.
    Co-hoster on the Aurora Voice


  • NFT Aurora Hunters Collection:

Minting and shipping to community users, AMA guest drops, quest platforms NFT drops if not automated.

  • dApp tests:

Hallway testing and ecosystem dapp reviews on social media. Testing newcomers, weekly dapps overview.

  • Host live testing AMA “How it works”:

Talking to the guest, discussing related topics, and questions from the community in the official Aurora Telegram chat. Creating short ecosystem video DApps tutorials on the Aurora Hunters YouTube channel.
Creating video shorts instructions for the community on the Layer3 tasks or other platforms.

  • Host and Moderation of HuntersVoice:

Free talk from community members and special guests from inner ecosystems or the other blockchains on the Aurora Hunters Ru chat,


Submitting dApps, updating submitted contracts, connecting with teams.

  • Responsible for increasing UAW (Worlde, mini-games, Aurora BOT) must rank 1, 2 on dappradar daily * Electric Capital report (all live apps. must submit their commits).


  • Daily preparation of news for the Aurora community news stream.

  • Research and analysis of Dapps on Aurora.

  • Regularly updating the Aurora community news stream.

  • Creating engaging and informative content for Aurora Hunter’s social media channels.

Working with Dashboard


  • Design master for Aurora Hunters.

  • Creating visually appealing graphics and designs for Aurora Hunters events and promotions.

Goals, KPIs and Metrics:

  • 300 daily users of the AuroraСommunity Tipbot. UAW https://dappradar.com/aurora/high-risk/aurora-community-tipbot

  • 100 UAW in WORLDe game https://dappradar.com/aurora/games/wordleaurora

  • 25% organic growth of followers in Aurora Hunter’s social media channels.

  • 10-15% growth of members in the community news stream channel and Aurora community core chat.

  • Daily news preparation for Aurora.

  • All community guilds participate in daily Hunters events, we will continue to pay attention to all.

  • Organization of inter-guild community tournaments.

  • More than 200 participants in Hunters events.

  • Regularly updating the AuroraExpert bot about the current state of Dapps and adding new ecosystem projects to it.

Activity Duration Prize Pool Start Date Result Date Responsible Platform
Hunters Bet 1 week 88 AURORA Apr 6 Apr 8 Tronchik Telegram/Dapp
Mystery Box 1 week 900 AURORA Apr 1 Apr 1, 8, 15… Tronchik Telegram/TG Bot/LinkDrop
AuroraExpert Bot Challenge 1 week 270 AURORA Apr 5 Apr 5, 12… Tronchik Telegram/TG Bot/LinkDrop
WORDL Tournament 1 week 600 AURORA Apr 3, May 1 Apr 12, May 10 Tronchik Game WORDL
Aurora Voice 1 week 900 AURORA Apr 4 May 30 Techdirector Telegram
Live Test AMA 1 week 100 AURORA Apr 10 Apr 10, May 1, 15, 29 Team Telegram

Note: The result dates for Mystery Box and Live Test AMA are not clearly specified in the provided text, so I have assumed that they occur on the same day of the week as the start date, every week.

PS: here is an extended version of the document:
AuroraHunters_activities_april-may.docx (16.5 KB)

Tronchik - 1000
Techdirector - 1000
Max - 500

Design - 1500

Rewards for tipbot, games, etc for mods, hunters everywhere 400$
bot for multiply tips 600$

Funding: 2 months
Total: 10 000
Wallet: ahtest.near


Your proposal is approved


Happy to approve.