[Approved] Aurora Hunters on December-January

Project: Aurora Hunters
Funding scheme: 1-2 months
Target : super_mario.near
Previous Proposal and Report

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Telegram channel
Tg chat in English
Tg chat in Russian

Grateful to Members:
@Expert :mage:
@techdir :man_mage:
AG :space_invader:
@Tolmindev :man_artist:
@Dk_51 :family_man_man_boy_boy: @AuroraMediaNews
sgur :man_teacher:
@johanga :woman_fairy:


Hunters are continuing their multi-faceted activities for supporting the community growth from several perspectives:

  • educational - through informing
    for that we’re testing all the dapps and projects on Aurora non-stop with
    ** publishing results in Aurora Hallway Testing channel, Community core chat, and Hunters Twitter with posts
    ** writing articles - all the links are in Report :arrow_heading_down:
  • entertainment - organizing contests, quizzes, giveaways, and working on the interaction between communities
    ** Hunters Activities: Marketing plan for intensifying and developing Aurora community through games - is attached below
  • community needs
    ** AuroraExpert bot is constantly updating .
    last month to was new onboarded projects were added, Hunters are responsible for developing part of the bot by themselves only :smiling_face:

Goals, KPIs and Metrics

– 10-20% organically growth of followers in Hunters socials;

– 10-15% growth of members in Community news stream channel and Aurora community core chat;

– 10-20 daily users of AuroraExpert bot;

– daily preparing news for Aurora community news stream;

– all the community guilds are participating with their members in Hunters daily events, we plan to pay attention to every one;

– organization of inter-guilds community tournament;

– more than 100 ->200 participants in every Hunters event;

– daily testing Aurora ecosystem projects and posting reports on Aurora Hallway Testing and to news stream ;

– regularly updating AuroraExpert bot about current status of dapps and adding new ecosystem projects to it, with preparing article-review for it.

Funding and activities details

1.Expert = 800usd
– bot updating
– marketing through games developing for intensifying the community +Twitter+TG (plan is attached below)
2. AG : contests, quizzes creation and management daily +social media biilingual chats fulltime = 400usd
3. rewards for quizzes contests giveaways streams = 500usd
4. Techdirector = 1000usd
– testing of every app 24\7 with fixing data to channel and to keep dapp status updated in AuroraExpert bot
– ecosystem dapp review
– news stream
5. design = 1000 usd
6. johanga = 700usd
= 4400 for 1 month
total funding amount: 8800usd for 2 months

Additional document

thank you :green_heart:


Thank you for great job and Community support! Happy to support.


Application is approved