[Approved] Aurora Hunters

Project : Aurora Hunters

Funding scheme: monthly

Value for the Aurora community
The goal of the project is to move beyond the NEAR/Aurora community in order to onboard web3 enthusiasts from other blockchains, as well as to spread awareness about Aurora/NEAR to those communities by sharing our funny contests.

we are here to perform certain purposes and tasks on regular basis :

  • to search for active communities (official channels on Twitter, Telegram and Discord) on another blockchains and to deliver knowledge of Aurora/NEAR to them

  • to look there for open-minded members and to onboard them to Aurora/NEAR Ecosystems, by inviting to participate in contests

  • to provoke connections with another blockchain communities (with AMAs on Twitter)

  • to create entertainment funny space with different contests and competitions (concerned Aurora Ecosystem projects), rewards and winners, that help to hold newcomers at start and to build active supportive community

  • to be in touch with all the projects building on Aurora, to collect all related information (tutorials, guides, reviews, AMAs) about each ones with posting it on medium, thewiki, blogchain and discord

  • we have a list of all the projects, that are build on Aurora, and we're checking out their actual status, development and quality of work every month, updating info about it. so newcomers are able to meet with actual info about every project, that works for attentive and careful onboarding

Project Team introduction

We are the members from different countries and from different Guilds and DAOs (BeatDAO, GoaDAO, Play_on_Near, D-Layer) on NEAR, that have gathered here for common purpose

  • to spread awareness about Aurora and its projects among other blockchain users in an educational and entertaining manner as wide as possible by organizing contests, that itself help to understand Aurora platforms.

Members and their roles:
@johanga - marketing and communication, project coordinator and actively presenting it on forum, collaboration agent (any kinds of connections within and outside AuroraEcosystem)
[founder and lead council of GoaDAO on NEAR since Nov’21 ]

@Plufix - Discord and Telegram boss; collaboration agent (connections to Aurora projects)
[community manager. last/current project : Telegram | Discord | Twitter ]

@techdir - monitoring and searching active communities on another blockchains, testing and exploring Aurora dapps,
[active member of BeatDAO since Dec’21, one of founders of D-Layer/United Belarus DAO]

@luda_murka - maintaining and managing contests, support contest participants, write clear descriptions both languages, control the guide existing for the project; check participants following the conditions; perform voting;invite participants from others blockchains

@Tolmindev - designer

We’re just starting to create our social media accounts but at this moment we’re well prepared to open channels with a high quality professional approach, already having an amount of goadao useful content and some followers here-there that were achieved during previous months.

Eng/Rus channel :

Telegram Eng chat :

Telegram Rus chat :

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters

Medium: Aurora Hunters – Medium

Discord: https://discord.gg/MW6g7m3469

we’re also proud to share links on accounts where we came from or that we’ve been working on recently :
GoaDAO : LinkTree . Instagram (200 followers). Twitter (245 followers). Telegram (263 members). Discord (23 members).
Metaseed : Telegram - 100 members | Discord - 66 members | Twitter - 646 followers

Proposal summary

Few problems that are solved by the proposal:

  • there is no Creative category on aurora forum, that provides with creative contests like drawing or photography - it works great in attraction of new members, gathering them as community and creating entertaining content for socials
  • to grow Aurora it needs to onboard many more developers and builders who are in crypto already. our main aim is to reach other blockchain’s members, to invite them to our Ecosystem and to hold them here
  • now it’s impossible to find all the info about a certain project in one place. working on contest we’re going to collect reviews and tutorials and post separately on Medium

the problem is being solved by:

  • spreading awareness about Aurora among exact target audience - crypto enthusiasts from another blockchains: we’re going to deliver presence of Aurora/NEAR to the social channels where more blockchain enthusiasts usually actively stay
  • bringing active crypto members to Aurora Ecosystem and to grow the Community
  • to anchor them on our social media - we offer them funny and smart contests and tournaments with small but regular rewards
  • creating/inventing members nft-collection: first - to maintain contest (2nd and 3rd months) about images for NFTs; then - to distribute NFTs depending on member’s involvement into community activities: as more someone collect - more opportunities and rewards he can get (from partnering with other projects on Aurora)

Expected impact and value for the Aurora community was described above mostly.
– generally, we expect more experienced web3 builders will come to build on Aurora more cool dapps!
– also, we hope to start (and then support) open dialog to other blockchains communities (using Twitter AMAs, for ex.) that can result in taking steps towards mass adoption :slight_smile:
– then we expect to build an active educated creative web3-community that knows how to use meme-coins, government tokens and NFTs/or NFT-collections.
– finally, there’s an idea to help small projects to become more visible and usable (for example, we’d be happy to maintain some of contests in a form of crosswords, so such partnerships as to https://crossword.xyz/ can lead to increase the number of its users.

Our project is aimed to attract people on Aurora that haven’t been on NEAR before - to onboard target young active and curious audiences through social media marketing and funny games-alike activities that are also informative (educational, i.e. interesting) and have connective character of interactions and gathering different people - we’re Building collaborative Community on Aurora (that every new web3-project needs)
Growing, this community becomes the place where newcomers will be able to find answers on any question or concern.

Doing these simple activities we’re going to continuously giveaway Fun to projects on Aurora, its teams and users

Metrics to track results:

  1. numbers of followers on
    Twitter - 50 followers
    Telegram - 100 members
    Discord - 20-40
    –to set up at least 5 roles and 10 servers on our Discord channel

  2. numbers of contest participants - we’ll fix and analyze these metrics from month to month.

  3. numbers of voters (in futhure )

  4. interactive media:
    – AMAs - 1 per month
    counting the number of listening people;
    – articles on Medium - 1 per week
    – collaborations about Guide - number of watched guide on youtube; how big is the partnership community, stats from posts about this collab and other cross-posts.

Links to similar proposals on NEAR government forum :

** Marketing DAO - April 1
** Marketing DAO - May-June
** Creatives DAO - May
** Marketing DAO - July
** Creatives DAO - July

Funding Details

  • technical and crypto issues - monitoring and searching active communities on another blockchains, testing and exploring Aurora dapps, so he’s looking for the best entering points how to start speak about Aurora and which project/news to what thread would be organical interaction
    = 450 usd/month

  • managing contests - to support participants, to collect info for that (video reviews), to request and collect guides from regional and marketing guilds
    = 350 usd/month

  • maintaining social media accounts on Telegram and Discord, collaboration agent
    = 500 usd

  • marketing and communication on Twitter. filling profiles on every media-platform and info updated, Linktree. = 200 usd/month

  • designer = 150 usd/month

  • managing the whole project and active presenting on forum, collaboration agent, maintaining budget and report = 600 usd/month

  • prizes for winners - 200 usd

    • some extra rewards for additional efforts and results for community - 50 usd

= 2500 usd covers 1 month working expances

Total requested amount in USD : 5.000 USD for 2 months,
or 2500 USD for 1 month

Near Wallet ID : super_mario.near


@johanga got a splendid idea.
If/when will be launched on Aurora, for sure can give info boost from Aurora Stars.

So best of luck on Hunters new beginings! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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extremely wonderful idea :star_struck:
grateful for support ! :white_heart:

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Luv this idea, This will be a perfect platform for those onboarded via the AURORA NIGERIA community to ensure a long term based interest in the AURORA ECOSYSTEM

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This will be a perfect platform for every onboarded community :blush:


Good evening. I have a couple of thoughts, on how can we improve the proposal. Let’s schedule a call. Thank you.

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the proposal is corrected and supplemented with improvements, Sir :slight_smile:


@johanga thank you for your proposal. I like your enthusiasm and goals.
Happy to support.


My opinion is that the budget of $ 5000 is too big. A large amount of payment for managing similar functions.
Why should a designer receive $150? My opinion is that he either doesn’t do anything because I don’t see the criteria for his work

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hey:) so great to see active involving community that cares about its growth :white_heart:

replying to you, first of all would like to note :

– 5000 is for 2 months, asked once in order to not waste time for approving proposal next month but to do more useful activities
for the 1st time we put the minimum amounts for every position

next, sharing to you feedback from designer :

actually for the project like that the medium price for designer work here about images for socials, visual identity and other pictures that will be necessary for making announcements of our activities for the community is 300-500 USD

but even without funds we, believers, are working for all these 20 days already and have prepared documents about Aurora projects, as well as the design for our socials
just have a look on this beauty


this work costs for sure much more than 150usd, but it’s even not included to the budget :wink:

have a great day!


Definitely good design :sweat_smile:


Really impressed

Keep going on my mate


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush: the community power keeps me going on )
appreciate your support a lot !! :pray:


Proposal is approved


For one month . Have a great day!

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Congratulations, AURORA Hunters! Looking forward to grow with you!


@ell @Alex_J grateful for support and trust, we’re ready


Congratulations @johanga :beer:


some preparations have been done during the last 3.5 weeks of awaiting decision about the proposal

I. start customizing and exploring projects that are build on Aurora
sheet 1 - Aurora projects + socials
now we have a list with all the projects on Aurora with links on its social media and actual status\condition

II. as well as being involved in social life
sheet2 - Aurora Community Guilds
now it’s collected a list of all the projects approved on forum with exact links

III. we gathered our AuroraHunters links to Linkt.ee, description had been created and integrated to different platforms.

IV. we’ve made an agreement with the great designer @Tolmindev that he’ll continue creating visual identity for Aurora Hunters, and also he is becoming more and more adaptive

V. started to write detailed roadmap for AuroraHunters
1st phase
– preparation,
– collection info
– deep testing projects,
start topic on forum when the application is defected or just not working, writing there full step by step guide until broken moment. the purpose is to perform the whole circle of functionals that the machine provides


Reports from this proposal:
Part 1/
Part 2/

Next Approved Proposal - for October-November

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