[Report] Aurora Hunters September

hello to everyone,
grateful to the Community for the pure feeling of being surrounded by close family circle, that supports, saturates, and creates endless exchanges of energy flows :pray:
there’s a report that came not only from our activity but from our Love to it :white_heart:

Guild Name: Aurora Hunters
Previously Approved proposal
Approved amount $2500 for a 1 month
Target wallet: super-mario.near

@Expert :mage:
@techdir :man_mage:
NG :space_invader:
@Tolmindev :man_artist:
sgur :man_teacher:
@johanga :woman_fairy:

Achieved KPIs:

  • Month of September
  • Main and Daily content and events (Videos, Articles, Metrics, Posts on Telegram, Instagram, Twitter; AMAs, contests)

we have a few separate sectors of activities that intersect us under the common purposes - to explore, examine, review and test Aurora Ecosystem - every project, platform, dapp, Guild or media source on it - in order to spread awareness about Aurora all around the world, to transfer proper (not false) and honest information from Aurora ecosystem, to create multi national community that translates media content into many languages, and in the end - to produce interactive fun through contests quizes and battles

I. testing all the projects - from guilds proposals and reports to every new-launched marketplace or bridge

  1. @techdir - daily testing of all the dApps from the ecosystem

– dApps from the ecosystem need to be checked about if it’s connected to Aurora Network and has an Aurora token for swap, bridge, pools etc.
– some projects were tested not only for Aurora network presence but for its functionality.

*For example*

it was created an account for Aurora Hunters on 3six9-marketplace

anyone can see all the screenshots from the checked dAaps on this TG channel

if the application is in Aurora ecosystem but it does not have the Aurora network,
feel free to create small topic about it here on the forum and tag @techdir

Then there’s a try to contact the team on twitter with the question of when adding Aurora network could happen.

"*Some examples"*

And of course our team have an inner document with all the application to be or have been checked and every day we use this document for our work:

  1. @Expert - collecting info
    of social networks of communities and ecosystem projects on AURORA.
    Preparing a Telegram post from the collected data. Sending for approval, making changes and corrections.
    Link to the post

this info and experience was needed to do all the further:

II. News stream for, around and about Aurora Community

  1. Aurora Hunters have created, organised and developped Community core stream (channel) and chat (johanga in collaboration with @Dk_51 and the team Aurora Media & News)
    – collecting, analyzing, organizing and distributing news of the Aurora ecosystem to the community,
    – quality control of the disseminated information from official Aurora sources among guilds,
    – creation of ТG channel and chat: filling with news, moderation, and inviting participants,
    – setup the work of Media & News team with community news stream:
    — monitoring reposting and translating the news by guilds,
    — collecting news from community and creating Recap from it.

  2. @techdir - connecting ifttt service to the telegram group.
    it was connected 181 links from Aurora Ecosystem in twitter to forward messages to the telegram group. Selected news by my own almost 24/7 using hashtags and search by words

Aurora Hunters see all the news from dApps which have twitter accounts.

Some news from this service goes to our main news stream channel; the news is formatted properly before posting. Our team have different time zone, so news are created by those who are alive at the moment.

III. unique Media content creation

  1. @techdir - AWD (Aurora Weekly Digest podcast)

– it was made 4 podcasts both English and Russian versions.
– Russian version: common news selecting, aurora news selecting, voice over, editing, mixing and mastering, using own music
– English version: editing, mixing and mastering, using own music
– creation of promo plan, its timetable and quiz for it
– creation of more social media accounts for podcast promotion and posting it there:

English version in TG:
AWD #1
AWD #2
AWD #3
AWD #4

Russian ver. In TG:
AWD #0 (demo)
AWD #1_r
AWD #2_r
AWD #3_r
AWD #4_r

  1. @Expert - writing articles

Math Wallet
Rus: Math Wallet. Команда Aurora Hunters начинает серию… | by Aurora Hunters | Sep, 2022 | Medium
Eng: https://medium.com/@aurora_hunters/math-wallet-cc48d979db19

TokenPocket Wallet
Rus: https://link.medium.com/DVCCcu83Ntb
Eng: TokenPocket Wallet. Non-Custodial Anonymous Crypto Wallet­­­ Review | by Aurora Hunters | Oct, 2022 | Medium

draft ‘Как получать токены AURORA за активность?’
draft. ‘imToken — децентрализованный мультивалютный криптокошелек’

  1. translation and publication of it - sgur, johanga

IV. Contests and Quiz
in order to bring more Community attention to Friday Weekly Updates w/Alex, we’ve launched contests around Questions, and for promotion of AWD it was created quiz, holding after that.
@Expert , NG, johanga

there're all the links for posts related to it

Telegram: Contact @AuroraHunters_rus
Telegram: Contact @AuroraHunters_rus
Telegram: Contact @AuroraHunters_rus
Telegram: Contact @AuroraHunters_rus
Telegram: Contact @AuroraHunters_rus
Telegram: Contact @AuroraHunters_rus
Telegram: Contact @AuroraHunters_rus
Telegram: Contact @AuroraHunters_rus
Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
Telegram: Contact @AuroraHunters_rus
Telegram: Contact @AuroraHunters_rus
Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
Telegram: Contact @HuntersAurora
Telegram: Contact @lets_play_on_near
Telegram: Contact @lets_play_on_near
Telegram: Contact @lets_play_on_near
Telegram: Contact @lets_play_on_near
Telegram: Contact @lets_play_on_near
Telegram: Contact @lets_play_on_near
Telegram: Contact @lets_play_on_near
Telegram: Contact @lets_play_on_near
Telegram: Contact @lets_play_on_near
Telegram: Contact @lets_play_on_near

During September it was hold and paid :

  1. Rewards for Questions contest on Friday Weekly Updates – 7 AURORA + comission = 8 Aurora
  2. Rewards for Quizes – 40 AURORA
    2 in English and 2 in Russian + transaction fees 4 AURORA
    and 1 quiz on 1 AURORA was as test
    Totally spent amount for rewards : 8 + 40 + 4 + 1 = 53 AURORA

V. AuroraCommunity Bot - coming soon :wink:

there's full technical description from the @Expert related to our work on it

Техническое задание для Информационного бота AURORA на платформе Telegram

  1. Разработка концепции Информационного бота

Для реализации первого этапа работ был создан мини бот для разработки концепции основного бота, выбор название кнопок и разделов, определение структуры стартовой страницы.
Ссылка на код мини бота

6-9 сентября

  1. Выбор разработчика для реализации написание кода бота, проведение онлайн встреч с разработчиками ботов для определение необходимых параметров ТЗ, графики и возможности реализации функции «Статусов».

9-11 сентября

  1. Подготовка начального ТЗ, проверка и согласование функций и возможностей бота с руководителем проекта. Внесение утверждённых изменений и добавлений в итоговую концепцию бота.

11-14 сентября

  1. Подготовка основного утвержденного ТЗ для бота. Итоговое ТЗ сделано в текстовом файле с расширением (.docx) и включает 97 страниц. После написание ТЗ, оно было отправлено на проверку, после утверждение ТЗ и графика отправлена разработчику.

Ссылка на итоговое ТЗ

14-24 сентября

  1. Написание кода бота, его тесты и установка на сервер займет от 14 до 20 дней (14 дней срок, установленный разработчиком, 6 дней заложены на внесение правок и изменений после тестов)

VI. research of communities on other blockchains

  1. plan and strategy development and confirming, johanga
  2. 1st step - research. @techdir @Expert @johanga
    the doc with tops from results
  3. research + contacting. around 50+ messages sent

VII. johanga’s short listed tasks
** cooperation with @Tolmindev about design for community and Hunters (icons,posters for socials, logos, Bot); working on re-design of Guild’s logos (voting for worst logo, working on new ones)

** for Community purposes
– participation in calls with guild leaders and onboarding teams, consulting guild leaders about opportunities, promotion, AMA and its topics, elaborating instruments for community growth and creating recommendation lists of activities
– work on the development of the community, with community grow document and guides;
– reading all the guilds proposals and reports, analysis of guilds activities

** for Marketing purposes
– working on planning the strategy of growing Aurora community and marketing activities around it for a long term
– marketing research presentations about Twitter accounts
– list of web3-communities in India for collaborations
– web3-influencers - check all the lists that were coming from proposals: work related to collecting media platforms and influencers - publishing media, crypto / financial channels, bloggers on Twitter, Youtube and Telegram; work with proposals, information, testing the quality of each proposition
– creating the plan of marketing support to guilds and projects from Community with love :green_heart:

  • Grants

  • Growth media

It was planned (in the end of July) :

Fortunately, during this time we’ve started research, as a result we had to change our perspective and the task sequencing - we took out from our goals ‘to work with Aurora Hunters socials’ intensively, discord was put on hold, as well as ‘creating guides’ at those moment.

Instead of it we:

  • have created and started developing beautiful and smart Aurora Community Bot, wait for updates,
  • have examined and checked twice all the dapps on Aurora, and continue regularly doing it, updating statuses of projects. then it will be changed in Bot and on website,
  • created Telegram channel Community news stream with 94 subscribers for now, for communities leaders and CMs, and Projects on Aurora
  • and the Chat that has 113 members already

  • have set up streaming the news from every project on Aurora through the whole Ecosystem using the chat,
  • help to control the fidelity of information (its correspondence to reality) that Guilds post to regional communities, and media channels (A.Insider, Authority, Instagram Opps, Reddit,) to their socials as infographics,
  • have brought attention to friday weekly updates with Alex, doing giveaway for questions during it. our goal - 100 viewers online :slight_smile:
  • have performed amazing fully collaborative work with Community Guilds to support and intensify them through sharing our knowledges and experience as well as accepting more ideas
  • have developed, created and designed great icons, posters and logos to all the activities

by the way Aurora Hunters socials are also naturally growing:
Telegram English Chat - 70 members
Telegram Russian chat - 35 members
Aurora Hunters channel - 57 subscribers
Twitter - 119 followers
Medium - 6 articles: 2 in English and 4 russian + 2 in drafts

  • instead of conclusion - Definition of’

Aurora Hunters :
– explore each project on Aurora in order to improve
– test the quality (operability of the project with its readiness to be sad about) and verify the truth of every info that comes to Aurora and that comes from the Ecosystem;
– provide unconditional full support for any requests, aimed at the growing the community and/or (marketing) promoting projects on Aurora;
– help to gather Aurora users (ecosystem members) around performing useful community activities (in a way of collaboration)
– have a purpose - to keep creating strong web3-community and joyful informative engagements (contests/battles/tournaments) for its members

who has read the whole post - gets the prize :blush: dm me your near.wallet


I look at the work rate you do and I stand with my jaws dropped wide open. Great work you all did


A very well detailed report and amazing contribution for the whole ecosystem :clap:

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Great Work as Always. More power to the team :heart::tada:


great work!


Good work!


Thank you for the report and great job!


Thanks for detailed report.
I hope the bot can surprise us and help newcomers to our community become more comfortable in our Aurora network.