[Approved] Aurora India October and November

Guild: Aurora India

Funding Requested: 10000$ for Oct and Nov

Thanks, @Alex_J, and @ell for approving our previous proposal.

Previous Proposal: [Approved] Aurora India

Aurora India has been working aggressively to build a community and bring more developers to the aurora chain. The last two months have been quite good for us in terms of community growth, social engagement, partnerships and contests, and AMA & Spaces. We even supported 4 projects in terms of technology, grants, and community to build on Aurora.

Previous Month Reports

Here (August and September) are the links to reports of the past two months, we have managed to go grow our community,

Telegram - 352 Members
Twitter -850 Followers
Medium - 13 Blogs & 17 Followers
YouTube - 2 videos & 15 Subscribers

Major Updates/Achievements

We helped these projects to connect with the core team and provide every directions to build on Aurora
Market.xyz - Create Isolated Interest Rate
Social3 - LinkedIn of Web3
EQ8 Network - Employing Soul Bound Tokens
DZAP.io - Trading in Defi


Aurora NFT Club
Aurora Insider

Plan Ahead

The last two months have been very much excited for us, for the coming two months we are planning a lot of new things and experimenting with new strategies. We’ve added the details for all our initiates below.

AMA Spaces & Project Spaces - We’ll be having more space for AMA & project collaborations in the coming month.

New Ecosystem Update Channel - We’ve created a new telegram announcement channel for all the Aurora Ecosystem updates, here is the link.

Community & Content Management - Community & Content is what, we’d be trying to excel in the coming months. We’ll double our efforts and bring more ecosystem as well as generic valuable content.

Content Piece/Blogs - We’ll be having 25 blogs - content translation in the next two months.

Workshops - We conducted one workshop recently, and we are planning to have more in the coming weeks which would be focused more on practical knowledge along with and building process.

Online Community Events - We’ll be having multiple online events - ecosystem update quizzes with bounties, and many more onchain activities. Coming up next, we have an Aurora NFT Bounty/Contest (AuroraChan for rewards with $500 soon will be published) along with Endemic, Aurora NFT Club & Aurora Insider., Few more workshops on covering a Dapp on Aurora.

Videos - We’ll be continuing to create more and much better videos with TPG Guild and also focus a bit on short-format videos. Here is the link to our Youtube channel.

Why TPG - Gnana Lakshmi is the founder of The Phoenix Guild. She was the ambassador of the NEAR Protocol and got vast experience in building on top of Blockchain. TPG is one of the most known Web3 communities in India and got a massive connection with active Developers and users. Collaborating with TPG will help Aurora India to leverage the outer web3 community and also provide Quality Content.

Socials of TPG: https://twitter.com/PhoenixGuildHQ Telegram: Contact @thephoenixguild


Podcast - We are also going to start with podcast series with the core team of Aurora, we’ll be trying to be the voice of the Aurora community and clear the doubts, updates, future plans, and many more things with the core team. This would help us work on our long-form content which would attract the mature and web3 native audience. These would be 30-40 mins of Audio (Spotify) & Video (YouTube) deep dive and detailed discussion podcasts with core team members of top projects on Aurora & Near.

Content Outreach: - This is something Aurora India is planning for a while now. We have already recorded a few of the active web3 community and influencers. We are in the process of preparing a template for seeking out collaboration and leveraging Aurora India with their community.


Few Expected Outcomes for the month of October

  1. Aurora India to collaborate with Web3 Bharath in conducting the Web3 IRL event in Chennai on Oct 30th.


  1. To Leverage Aurora India with one of the top business Influencers - ReshionBusiness who got massive 385K+ followers on Instagram.


How this will Benefit Aurora India?

The collaborations with the outer community will definitely help in increasing users on Aurora. These collaborations will leverage Aurora to Developers who are in search of better infrastructure to build their Dapp.

Funds Distribution

Activities Description Budget Duration/Pieces
Blogs Content Translation + Payout $600 2 months - 25 blogs
Spaces Space AMA with other communities & projects $200 6-8 Spaces
Online Events Aurora Ecosystem Updates Telegram Quiz $1000 6/8 Events
Team Management & Strategist Roadmap and Strategy planning $1000 2 months - 2 persons
Telegram Moderation Telegram Moderation & Community Engagement $1000 2 months
Twitter Management Twitter Content Strategy $1000 2 months
Videos YouTube videos with TPG Guild $500 2/3 videos (nov)
Content Outreach Content collaborations with other well-known influencers & other web3 communities. Also attaining IRL meetups $2700 2 months
Podcast Video Podcast - YouTube Audio Podcast - Spotify $1000 3/4 Podcast
Graphics Designing Graphics & Creative Designing $1000 2 months
TOTAL $10000

KPI Target

Socials Targets Oct Target Nov
Twitter 600+ Followers increase 600+ Followers increase
Telegram 200+ Followers increase 250+ Followers increase
Medium 30+Followers 50+Followers Increase
YouTube 2-3 Videos 2-3 Videos
Podcast 1-2 Pods 2-3 Pods
Spaces 2-3 AMA spaces 2-3 AMA Spaces
Online Events 2-3 2-3


Sachin - Team Management, IRL Representative, Twitter Content Strategy
@dineshkruplani - Team Management, Strategy, Podcast & AMA Host
@johanga - Advisor
@iamanansari - Community Manager
@thanos - Community Manager
@msarathkumar - DevOps
@pocha - Content Translation
@epriyan - Graphics Creator
@Roshangeek - Advisor

We are trying to bring the web3 community closer to Aurora, and the coming months will be great in terms of growth, onboarding, and many more things. We believe together, we can bring more and more people to Aurora Ecosystem.

Our goal and vision continue to be the same,

  • Market the capabilities of the network
  • Onboard developers, projects, and existing Dapps
  • & help the community with any technical, onboarding, grant and etc support.

We are glad to be part of the ecosystem and continue to strengthen with the council’s support.

Wallet : sachinmurali03.near
Email: sachinmurali03@gmail.com


Thank you for your proposal and great job!

I will be happy to approve the proposal if

  • During the next two months, we will see active community on telegram group;
  • 1000-1200 followers on Twitter, at least 1000 (active members) on Telegram and 100 subscribers (active) on Youtube;
  • Aurora India Community will start implementing the Community growing plan - AMA with exchanges, work with local influencers, with large crypto communities (for example: Avalanche, Polygon); We need to bring more new people in Aurora India Community by the end of the year.
  • Improvements in work with the Community news stream. Please, pay attention to the gaps - no articles on Medium, Discord, Twitter and Telegram;

Screen Shot 2022-10-09 at 8.44.03 PM

Thank you!


Thank you so much :smiley:

Definitely, you will get to see the active community. Our Tg is already active but we can see its all the existing users on Near. We will have more possible collaborations with the outer Web3 community to bring in new users.

We will plan for events to get this going.

Yes, we have already started to seek collaborations with Top exchanges for AMA. We are in talks with GateIo. Binance India has rejected it since they have AMA only with the projects that are listed on Binance. We will collaborate with Kucoin India soon too. and many more KOL’s and influencers

This is something we are looking to improve to cover all the information that is passed on to our socials. I can assure we share everything pretty actively on Telegram. For Twitter, we brought up some contingency plans to make things better on Twitter in terms of Community News streams and updates.


Proposal is approved


Thanks @Alex_J @ell .

Let’s cherish Aurora :heart_eyes::tada:

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Please wait for an agreement on email. Thank you


Nice metircs and detailed progress.
I am happy to see the community getting strong day by day.

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Hardly you organise 5-6 quizzes only where the prize pool of 50$.
So 50x6=300$
Where are the rest 700$ you spend on events sir can you please tell🤔

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We still haven’t received the funding bro :smiley:


Hey guys, You guys are working superb but I have noticed few things regarding twitter you need to work on them.
First please use aurora tags while tweeting - I have seen many of your tweets and didn’t find any #aurora or related tags you guys are lacking it.
Second post more contents and tweets on twitter, you guys have managed to get a great audience and now use it to promote aurora more through more tweets.


Thank you for the constructive feedback. We will definitely look into Twitter and will start posting more contents related to Aurora and yeah with hashtag #Aurora.


Hello Sachin and all,

Bro can you filter the Aurora india TG group, lots of deleted account and inActive members there…

It will be good if we have active community.


Cc - @ell

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