We kicked off our last month with a great team and have performed very decently. In terms of impressions, engagement, and activities, we believe we have achieved great numbers, which will definitely improve as we learn and experiment with new collaborations, activities, and more. On a side note, we are very thankful to @ell and @Alex_J for approving our proposal.


In-real-life Events:

Web3 Conf

Aurora India participated in the Web3Conf and represented Aurora India. The main purpose is to bring awareness to the active web3 community about Aurora and its ecosystem and encourage users and projects to build on Aurora.

A few major outcomes of this event:

We brought four new projects to Aurora, where we helped them in

  1. In giving any support required in terms of development,
  2. In providing directions for grants
  3. Act as a bridge between projects and the Aurora Core Team.

TPG hackathon

Unfortunately, Aurora India was not able to collaborate with TPG because of the delay in funding. However, our super team member Johanga actively participated and helped Aurora India to have its presence there.

A detailed report for the TPG Hackathon will be shared with this month’s report.


Twitter has been one of the platforms quite hard to crack when growing from 0, but we have managed to gain quite a decent reach and following.

Here are the analytics of the month:

Followers - 154
Impressions - 33,500
Profile Visits - 21,600

We have been covering a lot of projects and updates, and are working on bringing awareness to various events through our Twitter community. We’ll be continuously focusing on updating the community concurrently on what’s happening in the Aurora Ecosystem.



Members: 160 Members

Telegram is growing at a decent pace, but we’d not consider this a success metric as the possibilities can be explored more, not fast but steadily. As we saw a lot more active users lately and will grow beyond expectation in the future.

Content Translation

Content translation is much needed for community growth and awareness of the Aurora Ecosystem. We have translated content into one of our own regional languages, ‘Hindi’.

Content translation helps users understand core concepts pretty easily and help us outstretch in multiple languages. Aurora India has been doing content translations from the perspective of helping newcomers.

Find translations here: Aurora India – Medium

We are concentrating on educating people about Aurora in unique ways, a Medium article about running a validator node on Aurora is one of a kind and has been published. This article is split into a series and will be published from time to time.

Aurora India is focused on doing a lot more this month, focusing on projects in Aurora particularly.

Online Contest

  1. Meme Contest - We tried something new to get the initial engagement on Twitter, and it was successful in terms of metrics and community participation. The theme for the Meme Contest was - 50 Free Transactions on Aurora+, and we got 150+ entries alone in this event.

  2. Quiz Contest - In order to promote and bring awareness of Aurora’s weekly updates, we roped in a quiz contest, which consisted of questions related to Aurora Weekly Updates and Ecosystem activities.

We got 200+ entries combined in both contests. However, 5 winners were selected in each event, considering the points as the best by the councils, and were rewarded in $AURORA.

The quiz was successful in terms of engagement and activity. 500+ messages populated during the Quiz time in telegram. But due to unforeseen circumstances, the rewards have not yet been distributed.

This unforeseen circumstance will be taken as constructive feedback in building Aurora India stronger. Aurora India will thrive and be harder to reach through every web3 community, which will bring more active web3 users onto Aurora.

Aurora India is planning to run 3-4, not just online events (including Twitter AMA) but events that help in on-chain activities. Stay engaged with Aurora India to learn more about this.

Content Marketing:

We are planning to launch a YouTube series on ”How to build on Aurora”. The work is in progress and you may expect a video soon on YouTube. The main purpose of this series is that we wanted to make these videos as a go-to guide for any newcomers who wanted to build or write/deploy contracts on Aurora.

Last month’s content marketing budget will be carried forward to October’s funding.

We helped four projects get started on Aurora. Here are the details:

Market.xyz - So a little intro about the Market protocol, Market.xyz empowers anyone to create isolated interest rate markets that enable borrowing and lending of any token-based asset. At peak, we handled about ~ 200 mils in TVL with a presence on Polygon, Fantom, and Avalanche with DAOs like Klima, Beefy, Stader, and Olympus.

We recently also launched the Market SDK, which allows any protocol to spin up its own pool on its front end and have full admin rights.

Our first Market SDK partnership is going live with Quickswap on Polygon very soon.

Market.xyz is looking to get started on Aurora with,

  1. Grants

  2. Partnership with protocols

Social3 - Social3 is building the LinkedIn version of Web3, that will promote Proof of Work. It will help the community serve the purpose of building a good team.

Aurora India served as a bridge between the Social3 team and the Aurora Core Team.

EQ8 Network - EQ8 Network is a pioneer in employing Soul Bound tokens, or SBTs, to enable DeSoc governance. By offering a reputation-based governance protocol, EQ8 is addressing the issue of centralized governance in Web 3.0 companies.

EQ8 offers an end-to-end solution, for different multiple use cases including Undercollateralized Lending, and credentials management for students, for this, we have already partnered with IIT Goa to manage the credentials of their last 3 years of graduates.

With regard to traction, the EQ8 app is already available on the Apple and Google Play stores, with more than 2600 app downloads and 1200 DAU. EQ8 has also already released 360K non-transferable tokens and 102K data NFTs.

Aurora India is helping the EQ8 network solve queries related to development.

DZAP.io - DZap is a new decentralized platform that aims to deliver a breakthrough in user experience for trading in Defi. Dzap is already on ETH, Polygon, and BNB and is trying to bring their presence to the Aurora chain as well.

Aurora India is helping Dzap with grant applications.

Our mission is not just to help our community grow, but also to onboard multiple builders in the Aurora Ecosystem. We are here to make the ecosystem a better place, and we are accountable for the funding we receive. Payouts to the members will be given out via AstroDao for better transparency.


May i know the metrics of Medium articles individually. If you could share the same?
Second, why only Hindi language (bcoz its most spoken language? What about other indians and how you guys solving this basic issue as aurora hindi proposal already seem to be rejected separately)
Thirdly seeing lot complains on quiz being done involving internal answer sharing and all. Will like to see the timely disposal of this issue as even such a doubt on integrity of team or any of the members hurts the whole community on large. I know its challenging to build from scratch but it needs one spark to take it down and that is what i wont like to see.
Lastly you guys need to update your telegram bot, 6 times i have joined the telegram and everytime after solving the maths question i am muted. I have used oral solving, pen paper solving, used a basic calculator, used fx-991ex scientific calculator for solving 6+2? And this bot :zipper_mouth_face:

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Hello, guys.
Good report.
In your proposal were info about content and videos.

Also, do your guild plan to hold any AMAs?
When do you plan to launch a Youtube channel with educational videos and what prevented this from happening in August?

I saw 3 articles, I also looked at the Telegram channel, but there were few announcements.
Do you try to cover every important event in the Aurora ecosystem?

Hello @Vladislav_vl25 thanks for going through the report. Due to a change in organizational structure last month, we had some delays. We’ve started working on the AMAs and videos for the coming weeks.

We have also covered most of the Aurora Ecosystem updates and events on our telegram, along with a quiz for weekly updates, and we have also been appreciated by the council for the same. We are one of the active Aurora Community in sharing the currents happening on Aurora Ecosystem, please do join our telegram - Telegram: Contact @auroraindia

Thank you again.


@dineshkruplani Thanks for fast answer.
Yes, I see more activity going on in September(than in August) with announcements on Telegram.

I’m planning this format of reports, it will help guide you, too, how to show your best side and for us to gather a picture of the growth of the global community.


Hey @Darkseid, thanks for going across the proposal.

Here are the metrics of the blogs posts -

Regarding the Hindi blogs, we notice English blogs are available on the internet already, so to diversify the content reach, we have planned to have content going across in multiple languages. We’ll be expanding to other languages very soon.

Last month’s quiz contest issues have already been fixed, and we have taken some action in order to avoid future problems regarding the same. Also, the Telegram Welcome Bot has been fixed. Thanks for helping us to discover the problem. We are happy to have the community’s support.


The metrics on the last day of the screenshot have really exploded. I am very positive that they are organic.
Congratulations and will like to see this organic growth to continue in upcoming days. Huge shoutout :slight_smile:

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It is completely organic. We used to post the weekly updates in Hindi on our Medium page. We ran a quiz with the Theme: Weekly updates from the Aurora Ecosystem. The users would have checked that. Maybe the reason behind the explosion. Here is the link to the Twitter post mentioning the link to the article. And thank you again for the huge shoutout. :slight_smile:


Sure. I am very positive on the same, and hoping for even more growth in upcoming months.
And all the best.


There is also no information about who have got prizes in MEME contest and Quiz Contest or how the grant money was spent.
Friends, I hope in the next reports you can show it. Thanks.


Hey Vlad, thank you for asking.

We organized a meme competition last month and we announced the winners on our Twitter, here is the link to the [tweet](- https://twitter.com/aurora_india01/status/1559172655382933505?s=20&t=Ksx3zjaAffNkn2nEVb6mZA)

The rewards were sent out from my own pocket, so to have more on chain activity and transparency, we’ve moved to AstroDAO. Current months rewards were distributed via AstroDAO & now onwards, we’d be focusing more on on-chain activities and the rewards will be distributed via AstroDAO itself.

You can find the proposals here -
Also, AstroDao will help you to understand the utilization of funds.

Thank you for your concern.


Thank you, too, for such a detailed response.