Approved Proposal: [Approved] Aurora India October and November - #14 by johanga

Here is a quick overview of our social:

Twitter: 1750+ Followers

Telegram: 900+ Members

Medium: 29 Followers

YouTube: 72 Subscibers


There wasn’t much going on with Aurora India Twitter, and we’ve been losing a lot of followers. Together, our team identified TGW and modified our approaches. Finally, we can observe that it has begun to give and that the number is increasing.

Twitter Events:

AMA with Freename - This AMA was all about Freename. The space helped us to understand more about Freename. It helped us to create healthier relationship with Freename.

AMA with ShilikaJain - Aurora India hosted an AMA with Shilika Jain as a guest. Shilika Jain who works at Coinmarket Cap had tons of experience in business development shared her thoughts, Insights, tricks to build a successful and healthier community during the bear market.

AMA with Knit Finance - The space was really educative in understanding

  • How liquid staking works
  • Why multichain is the future and how projects can be chain agnostic

Weekend Quiz Event

The main motto of this event is to grow the audience parallelly trying to educate the users with the most basic questions. We got a good response and will continue to do the same in the future which creates more traction.


Aurora India (November Month Stats)

Total Members: 900 Members

New Members: 319 Members

Active Users: 319 (+35.44%)


  1. Info-graphic/Thread Contest, 12-15 people created a thread or infographic on the given topic ‘dApps on Aurora’ & posted it from their Twitter Handle.
  1. Telegram Quiz

Questions about the Aurora Ecosystem were asked.

30+ people participated

900+ messages during an hour of quiz

10 people got rewarded (Total Prize Pool: 100 $AURORA)

  1. Predict With Aurora India Contest (Predict about upcoming cricket matches)

The event created hype among the Telegram community

Received 60+ entries in a few hours but unfortunately, both the matches got cancelled due to bad weather condition

A collaboration with another community got canceled due to their inactive audience.

Total Messages: 3720

Avg Daily Msgs: 120

Possible upcoming events: Voice AMA with Stader, Meme Contest & IndvsBan Prediction Contest


Despite the fact that we have translated over 25 articles from Hindi, we decided that focusing primarily on one language would not lead to a high level of involvement.

In response to feedback and suggestions from the core council team, we have planned to switch from Hindi translation to English content writing. We will provide top-notch articles for projects and general educational web3 material.


We have managed to make one video on “The Complete go through of Rainbow Bridge”.

We broke down the complete usage and technicality of Rainbow Bridge so that even a new web3 user can easily understand.

Here is the link to our video

We have been sorting out techniques to pop the view on our youtube channel. Aurora India will try to move the traffic from Twitter to Youtube. As already this helped us to increase the subscribers a bit but definitely will try to increase the views as well.


We planned to be the voice of the community and help understand things on a deeper level directly from the Aurora Core team, but the team has been travelling and had been quite busy so we couldn’t find the time slot for the podcast. So we’ve tweaked the plan and taken it forward with another approach as well. We’ll be approaching project founders building on Aurora and other chains to understand things from a founder’s perspective and also try to find the slot with a core team of Aurora.

The funds are still in the DAO treasury and will be used for the upcoming podcasts.

Content Outreach

As primarily stated, The main vision of Aurora India is not just to onboard user, but also projects and developers making them understand how Aurora is better in the technical standpoint compared to the other EVMs and Layers

Given the fact that the guild is still in its infancy & actively trying to grow, we need to put ourselves out there partnering with other groups and DAOs. The intent is to establish a connect with projects interested in expanding to Aurora and/or are looking for grants, marketing support, etc.

Outreach manager helped Aurora India to connect with

  • Cryptoforce
  • The OG Guild
  • Stader Team
  • Unilend

IRL Participation

India Blockchain Week was one of the festivals in the Indian web3 ecosystem. It was a very exciting, informative, and insightful experience. It was great networking with other projects, developers, and industry leaders. We got a chance to meet and connect with various members from Polygon, Shardeum, Biconomy, and more projects. Although we made some good connections with these projects:

  1. Web3Rescue - Often wallets are hacked and there are no way to transfer the assets without using metamask. Web3Rescue uses flashbots to transfer assets from one wallet to another by avoiding mempool. They were one of the top 12 projects of ETHIndia and are currently live only on mainnet.

  2. Supra Oracle - It provides cross-chain interoperability, 3-5 second finality, and cutting edge cryptography—all backed by thousands of hours of R&D and simulations. Welcome to the next generation of oracles. It’s still in testnet and planning to go live on mainnet in Q1 23.

  3. Cruize Finance - Cruize is the first decentralized protocol that enables tokenized asset hedging to unlock liquidity for price-protected assets. It’s yet in beta and planning to go live on mainnet soon.

  4. MyOwnInternet - MOI is a L0 protocol helping with interoperability between L1 and L2 protocols, faster speed with total p2p, and easy deployment.

  5. web3TV - Web3TV is a video streaming service similar to YouTube but having integration of NFTs, creators loyalty and more. They were very much happy to hear about Aurora and how we can help them with development as well as grant support.

There were more projects, we’ll be in touch with them and explore how we can collaborate or onboard them on Aurora Ecosystem.

Unbank college series

Aurora India collaborated with Unbank to educate user about Web3, Blockchain. The whole idea is to target college students.

Unbank reached out 5 to 7 different colleges in a month and provided educational workshop of how

  • Web3 is the future
  • How blockchain leverages web3
  • More general contents of blockchain.

Reason for the Aurora India to collaborate with the Unbank?

The whole idea behind is to experiment more Irl activites and expect what are the outcomes to it. This collaboration certainly helped to take Aurora India one step closer to the Indian community.


We able to add 300+ tg members in our telegram channel. We are running lot of events consecutively to keep them engaged.

Projects collaboration and Onboarding

  • Knit Finance

Knit Finance is a Multichain Defi, Bridge and a Liquid staking solution. Aurora India collaborated with Knit Finace for a twitter space and understood how Knit Finance works in whole. We also helped Knit Finance in applying for grants.

  • CryptoForce

Cryptoforce is the fastest-growing exchange with one of the largest communities and the only exchange in India who is providing 24/7 deposits, withdrawals & support services, and conducted India’s largest event (Listed 130+ Coins in 13hrs) and most importantly giving INR pair & Withdrawals with one of the lowest trading fees in India.

Aurora India will provide constant support in trying to list Aurora to make things easy for the indians.

  • The OG Dao

OG CLUB is being built with the motto of bringing people together interested in Web3 and beyond and allowing the magic of serendipity to happen.

Aurora India is talks with seek AMA and more collaborations in the future.

Funding :

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the funds got depreciated but still we able to execute all the expected outcomes except the podcast and 1 youtube video. The fundings for both the activity are still in the treasury to execute in the near future.

We as a team came together to get paid less than the usual salary to accommodate all the activities that were planned.

Activity October November Links Payouts
TwItter https://twitter.com/aurora_india01 $350 inc Graphics designing
Followers 1250 1846
Impressions 28K 47.4K
Tweets 98 131
Telegram Telegram: Contact @auroraindia $480 for 2 Mods
Followers 658 900
Medium 10 Articles with Weekly updates 7 Articles with Weekly updates
4 - Weekly Content Translation + 3 Content creation
Aurora India – Medium $250 For content Translation
368 view 368 view
Youtube 1 Videos 1 Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxrcpFXLz16A7U-E5FffFjQ NIL
28 subs 60+ subs
Online Events 8 Events ( 5 AMA, 1 Quiz, Aurora Name changer, Diwali event) 7 Events ( 3 AMA, 1 Quiz, Weekend QUIZ event on twitter, Score Prediction) + Unbank College series Unbank - $750
Quiz - $100
Twitter Quiz- $50
AMA with shilika -100 $Aurora
AMA with Knit Finance- 75 $AURORA
Mangament and strategist , Collab, Strategy $400
AMA Host, Strategizing $350
Content Outreach $300

Thank you @ell and @Alex_J for the oppurtunity.

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