[Approved] Aurora Indonesia March-April 2023

Hello Aurorarians,

We are proud to be part of the progress of the Aurora community, a lot of things have happened in the last 4-6 months with the help and support of @Alex_J @ell @johanga @Dk_51 and Aurora Hunters team so we can more consistent and be like this. Thanks a lot!

Guild Informations

Name : Aurora Indonesia
Region : Indonesia
Social Media
Linktree : Aurora Indonesia

Team Members

@derymars : Leader
@Agungdjs : Advisor
@Arkur : Moderator, focus on Twitter, Medium & Discord
@notpapa : Moderator, focus on Telegram & Instagram
@elma.f : content & creative design

Aurora Indonesia Main Goals

As we summarized, the main purpose of forming the Aurora Indonesia community is

  1. Bring new projects from Indonesia
  2. Bring new audiences to the Aurora ecosystem
  3. Maintain active engagement on Aurora
  4. Active wallet / transactions

We break it down into several strategies that will be achieved in this Q1:

AMA with Indonesian Crypto Community :white_check_mark:
AMA with External Project (Ethereum Based) :white_check_mark:
Invitation Contest :white_check_mark:
Partnership w/ Influencer (on Discussion)
Aurora Token Airdrop :white_check_mark:
Community Talks :white_check_mark:
AMA with Aurora Projects :white_check_mark:
Quiz :white_check_mark:
Tip & Rewards :white_check_mark:
Partnering with Local Tech Communities (on-going)
Attending local web3 event (on-going)

Activity Plan

Focus on March - April 2023

  1. Sign partnership with https://jagoweb3.com/ to promote and educate about Web3 programming (solidity). For the first step, Aurora Indonesia had the opportunity to become a media partner, filling in sessions to introduce the Aurora ecosystem when students have understood solidity programming
  2. Discussion / Cross-collaboration with other Layer-2 Communities (confirmed : Arbitrum Indonesia, Polygon Indonesia : TBC)
  3. NFT artist onboarding (twitter space featuring w/ Local artist), partnering with 3six9
  4. Present Aurora on Workshop in Bali (IMEX (Indonesian Music Expo)
  5. Initiating local community in South Sumatra, Indonesia : Sumsel Blockchain Community

Twitter post : https://twitter.com/Aurora_IDN/status/1639843057767178240

Official Announcement : Sumsel StartUp Founders on Instagram: "HALO WARGA PALEMBANG!!!! Dalam rangka hadirnya Komunitas blockchain Pertama di Bumi Sriwijaya yaitu "Sriwijaya Blockchain Community (SBC)" kami mengajak warga palembang mengenal akan teknologi masa depan blockchain.. Komunitas ini mewadahi semua yang berkaitan dengan ekosistem blockchain seperti NFT , Web3 , Cryptocurrency dan lain sejenisnya... Ikuti keseruan Perdana event Offline & NgabuburIT bareng SBC.. event ini kami khususkan untuk yang tertarik dibidang Blockchain dengan kolaborasi berbagai komunitas tentuny dengan narasumber : 1. Sonny Yu ( Founder kamus Crypto) 2. Dery Marsan (Aurora Indonesia) 3. Sofian Hadiwijay (CTO Two point Five) 4 Anthony Ferdinand (DeFi enthuisast) Moderator: Joneten saputra (Lead Palembang Digital) Kita akan membahas beberapa topik mulai dari cryptocurrency , engineer blockchain , ekosistem blockchain (NFT , Web3 , Tokenisasi) dan masih banyak yang lain.. event ini terbatas hanya 25 orang saja.. acara dilaksanakan di : Ruang Digiprenure ITB PalComtech Basuki Rahmat. Sabtu. 8 April 2023 Jam 15.00-17.00 Wib.. Daftar di: bit.ly/SBC-M1 Free : e-Certificate Takjil Doorprize Kalian tertarik? Ayo bergabung diacara ini, karena kami juga akan merekrut ARMY SBC sebagai pengurus Komunitas ini.... Sampai ketemu..!!! #palembangdigital #ssf #GDP #SBC. Grow together for Digital Sumsel."

Goals & Metrics/KPIs to track results


  1. AMA : 3-4x / month
  2. Community Call : 2x / month
  3. Weekly Update Participation : 4x / month
  4. Bot Tipping (2x per week)
  5. 4x Twitter Campaign
  6. 1x Telegram Invitation Contest
  7. 2-3 Medium articles/ week
  8. Aurora Workshop for NFT artist and Programmer

Social Media


Activities Description Budget
Moderation Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Medium $1300
Content Creation Designer $250
Reporting Administration, Operational Costs Meeting, Attending Event, Exchange swap fee, Price impact $300
Community Rewards Campaign, Giveaway, Quiz, Tip bot $500
Collaboration & Partnerships Workshop, AMA & Partnership w/ different communities, projects & exchanges $600
TOTAL $2950

Monthly : $2950
Total for 2 months : $5900
Wallet : auroraindonesia.near


Good morning! What is your plan to increase UAW and transactions in Aurora ? Thanks!



GM Elliot!

In detail, here are some of the strategies:

  1. All distribution of gifts and rewards will be through a redeem code via Aurora+ > swap via Trisol, Wannaswap, etc
  2. Released super user Aurora Indonesia: a kind of degen, to direct mass posting, invitations and as external word of mouth
  3. Extra incentive by providing AID tokens via xdao.app
  4. Collaborating with 3six9.space for onboarding NFT artists, minting campaigns, POAP
  5. Support activities on https://wordleaurora.com/
  6. Cross-Collaboration with internal and external projects/communities
  7. and many more

All in all, connecting to the new partners is the key to grow the audiens, the rest is maintaining the new upcoming leads with good communication and interaction.


Looking for your feedback guys~ @Alex_J @ell @johanga @Dk_51


Hello mates, we remind you if you all missed…
What’s your response to this proposal?

Thank you for your help

cc @ell @Alex_J @johanga

  1. Let’s use LinkDrop https://linkdrop.io/
  2. Actively Use Aurora Community tip bot to encourage Aurora Indonesia community members.

Include Aurora into the Workshop and Seminar on Bali.


Aye, ser. I will guarantee Aurora will hold a workshop in Bali :grin:

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Proposal updated :white_check_mark:

Thanks. Happy to approve!


Thank you for your support :hugs:

your proposal is approved