[Approved] Aurora Indonesia May-June 2023

:indonesia: Aurora Indonesia Community :indonesia:

Guild Information:

Name : Aurora Indonesia
Region : Indonesia

Previous Proposal : [Approved] Aurora Indonesia March-April 2023
Latest Report : [REPORT] Aurora Indonesia Mar-Apr 23 - #3 by Arkur

Goals & Metrics/KPIs to track results


  1. AMA with project/community/artist/influencer : 3-4x / month
  2. Community Call : 2x / month
  3. Weekly Update Participation : 4x / month
  4. Bot Tipping
  5. 4x Twitter Campaign
  6. 1x Telegram Invitation Contest
  7. Medium articles update 1-3x/ week
  8. Connecting with multiples projects, communities, influencers
  9. Participating in IRL events, hackathons, conferences and meetups

Social Media

Focus on May - June 2023

  1. Participate in offline community activities, we see this as very effective for building activity and communication among members in online groups. (Crystal Wallet (https://krystal.app/) Indonesia, IDNFT (https://idnft.id/), W3W (https://web3weekend.asia/) etc)
  2. Develop Zealy campaign by Aurora Indonesia
  3. Producing limited edition Aurora Indonesia t-shirts for active and contributive participants and honorary partners (12 pcs @ ~8 USD)
  4. Local community activation : help organize crypto related events for Sriwijaya Blockchain Community
  5. Increase both daily transaction and UAW of NFT dApps in Aurora 3six9 and Genadrop 30-40% (with estimation support from 20-50 super active user on Aurora Indonesia community)


Q2 (May, Jun) report in July 2023

  • held an offline Aurora event on a local scale in Indonesia
  • increase in social media growth by 30%++
  • increase both daily transaction and UAW of NFT dApps in Aurora (3six9 and Genadrop) 30-40% (with estimation support from 20-50 super active user on Aurora Indonesia community)

Q3 (Jul, Aug, Sept), report in October 2023

  • Onboard 1-3 local projects into Aurora Ecosystem
  • Participate in IRL events to promote Aurora
  • Hosting collaboration event with community/ project partners
  • increase in total social media growth by 30%++

Q4 (October, Nov, Dec), report in January 2024

  • increase in total social media growth by 30%++
  • held an offline Aurora event on a National scale in Indonesia (Hackathon / Large meetups etc)
  • Onboard 10+ projects into Aurora Ecosystem


Activities Description Budget
Moderation Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Medium, Near Social $1300
Content Creation Designer $300
Reporting Administration, Operational Costs Meeting, Attending Event, Exchange swap fee, Price impact $300
Community Rewards Campaign, Games, Giveaway, Quiz, Tip bot $500
Collaboration & Partnerships Workshop, AMA & Partnership w/ different communities, projects & exchanges, Media publication, local community activation $600
T-Shirt Production plus shipping to address 12 pcs - Aurora logo $100
TOTAL $3100

Monthly : $3000
Total plus T-shirt production : $3100 (May only)
Total for May-June 2023 : $6,100
Wallet : auroraindonesia.near

tagging our ecosystem and community leaders @Alex_J @ell @johanga


Could you please update your proposal by December 2023 (included) with quarterly milestones

Q2, report in July 2023
Q3, report in October 2023
Q4, report in January 2024



we will provide results regarding this soon :green_heart:

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Done, please kindly check it :beers:

Hello ! How many Indonesian community
members use Aurora Ecosystem dApps ?

All prizes we distribute via Aurora tip bot and Aurora+ account :laughing:

We make sure all those who are active in Aurora Indonesia, prize winners and aurora partners have aurora+ account and interact on it

Some of them even stated that the free transactions had run out, they are very enthusiastic about wordle games, 2048 even some of them suggesting to create tournaments between regions to be able to compete with each other :rofl: :rofl:

wdyt guys


Hello! Thanks for the reply :blush: You have over 2900

Followers on Twitter and 5900 on the Telegram channel. Let’s find dApps in our Ecosystem that Aurora Indonesia would like to focus on to increase daily transactions and daily users https://dappradar.com/rankings/protocol/aurora ?


Great question! @ell

We agree that a very promising prospect is the NFT dapp, therefore our next focus is to revive the NFT ecosystem in Aurora.


  1. Many utilities can be attached to NFT: OG NFT, POAP, Membership
  2. Unlimited creativity: works can be 2D & 3D Art, Music, etc
  3. NFTs can be owned and transferred

Apart from that, in the next few months there will be education and collaboration with the NFT community in Indonesia

We think it’s time to present our standpoint for Aurora

Thanks! Please add specific KPIs for
daily transactions and uaw by end on June.



According to this data:

The NFT ecosystem in Aurora seems to need more attention, we are committed to adding daily active users and UAW by 30-40%, with an estimate of around 20-50 people from the Aurora Indonesia community who are consistently active

at the same time, we still continue to encourage member to use our tip and game dapss to maintain user activity

Please update @Arkur


Edited, here you go ser @ell @derymars


Due to misunderstood and clarifications, we changed the topic and updated the KPI for May-June cc @ell @derymars

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Hello team!

The crucial point is on-chain community activities. As a next step, besides marketing metrics like numbers on subscribers on social media, AMAs, etc., we should measure on-chain community health:

  • how many transactions a particular community brings to the ecosystem?
  • how many daily/weekly/monthly users?

We have excellent marketing progress; our Community is constantly growing on Twitter, Telegram, Near.Social, everywhere :muscle:, and now time for the next milestone.

So to implement it, we need the following:

  • Collect a list of community wallets and track them on the dashboard
  • Conduct a census of the entire community to understand who are the people in our Community (traders, artists, developers, etc.)

There are no CTAs now; it’s what we want to implement in Q3.

I am happy to approve your proposal for two months Q2 (May, June).



Noted, thanks for the direction! :raised_hands:
Let’s move to the next stage and make Aurora ecosystem greater than before


Hello team! Could you please clarify this ? “Meeting, Attending Event”

Sure mate, mostly is all about variable cost expenses. Here are the details:

  1. exchange/swap fee, price impact (50~200 USD difference in loss)

  2. Agenda for impromptu meeting invitations such as:

  • Aurora Indonesia has been invited to the Krystal Wallet Indonesia event and the costs covered are only partial transportation without full accommodation (11-13 May 2023)

  • Aurora Indonesia was invited to the Binance and Tokocrypto events in Palembang (6 Jun 2023)

  • Aurora Indonesia attended the event of Algorand Indonesia

Sometimes it takes around (50~150 USD) per event. depending on the preparation, location and how big the event.

  1. Internal offline meetings (1-2x a month with a range of 50~75 USD)

So, in total our monthly expenses for this category is about (200~400 USD)

If this point is quite confusing or should be separated and allowed to be reimbursed after the event is over, we are willing to follow the best advice from all of you :raised_hands:


Hey hey! Could you please share report? Thanks!

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on our way mate :beers:

Thanks for reminding

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