[Approved] Aurora Indonesia November, December 2022

Hello Aurorarians,

After presenting social media as an infrastructure for communication, Aurora Indonesia will move on to the next step.

The following is a link to our previous proposals and reports:
Proposal : [Approved] Aurora indonesia [September/October]
Report : [Report] Aurora Indonesia Sep-Oct 22

Guild Informations

Name : Aurora Indonesia
Region : Indonesia
Social Media
Linktree : Aurora Indonesia

Team Members

@derymars : Leader
@Agungdjs : Advisor
@Arkur : Moderator, focus on Telegram & Instagram
@notpapa : Moderator, focus on Twitter & Medium
@sukran : content & creative design

Introduction & Proposal Overview

Our focus then consists of 3 types of categories:

  1. Aurora Indonesia Community
  2. Aurora & NEAR Internal Ecosystem
  3. External parties (communities, projects, influencers and crypto figures) both local and international

Besides daily activities such as Giveaway, Social media posts we will start new initiatives such as:

  1. Activating Aurora Indonesia Youtube Channel, to educate how to create Metamask, connected with Aurora wallet, Aurora Plus, using the dApps available in the Aurora ecosystem
  2. Doing engagement on telegram by doing routine quizzes at least 1-2 times a month
  3. Actively engage with influencers, crypto communities in Indonesia and Exchanges to gain additional exposure and increase the number of Aurora Indonesia members


A. Event & Activity

  1. Community Talks : Bincang Aurora Indonesia - 2 times a month. Discussing the ecosystem, updates from the Aurora project and support information that is currently in Aurora.
  2. Community Quiz - 2 times a month. Create interesting quizzes to increase the knowledge of members regarding Aurora, increase engagement & build interaction in Telegram groups.
  3. Project & Ecosystem AMA & Discussion - 1~3 times a month. Invite speakers from the Aurora ecosystem, local influencers and/or be a speaker for the crypto community to promote Aurora. Average cost per AMA + bounty reward: 100~150 USD

B. Social Media

  • Hit 3000+ members on Telegram
  • Hit 1000+ followers on Twitter
  • Hit 300+ follower on Instagram
  • Activating Youtube channel & Telegram announcement channel

C. Future Plan

According to the instructions here : [IDEA] AURORA — Growing strong here is the list of communities/ influencers and exchanges that we will collaborate with:

Influencer :

Community :

*will update soon last : 12/11/22


  • Twitter + Instagram = 700 usd
  • Moderation (Telegram) = 500 usd
  • Video: 4 x 120 = 480 usd
  • Article: 4 x 75 = 300 usd
  • Reporting Administration, Operational Costs = 300 usd
  • Ecosystem Project Support (AMA, GA, Contest organization, Hosting) = 400 USD
  • Community Quiz : 100 USD

Subtotal : $2780
Total for the next two months : $5560

Target Wallet : auroraindonesia.near

Open for discussion and questions from leaders and members here cc @Alex_J @ell @johanga @Vladislav_vl25

Thank you, One Love :green_heart:

Approved $4400 for Nov, December.


hey! thank you for your proposal!

– could you divide this info into a weekly plan, please? - how would it look for a week
– and from other side - as I understand you’ll have:
2 quiz/month
~ 4 community calls (2 community talks + 1-3 Project & Ecosystem AMA & Discussion)
am I right?

for the next months we’ve decided to reduce the work about articles - it’s enough to share Aurora news from the Community news stream to Guild’s socials translated into your language,

about videos would be great to understand the topics that you want to cover and how they will be promoted. for better quality of videos i’d offer to reduce the quantity to 2 videos per month

– exited to see the results of this work.
please do tracking of followers number before and after each event, this stats will help us to understand its outreach and define its success

our offer is:

  • Twitter + Instagram = 400 usd
  • Moderation (Telegram) = 400 usd
  • Video: 2 x 100 = 200 usd
  • Reporting Administration, Operational Costs = 300 usd
  • Collsborations = 400 usd
  • Community Quiz = 300 usd

total funding amount: 2000 usd per 1 month

thanks !


Your proposal is approved

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Hi mate,

thank you for your suggestion, we understand and willing to take out the article’s work and reduce video budget

but we still consider to turn it into :

  • Twitter + Instagram = 500 usd
  • Moderation (Telegram) = 500 usd
  • Video: 2 x 100 = 200 usd
  • Reporting Administration, Operational Costs = 300 usd
  • Ecosystem Project Support (AMA, GA, Contest organization, Hosting) = 400 USD
  • Community Quiz : 300 USD

Total funding : 2200 usd per 1 month

All in all, we work in a team of 4 people which only get 325 usd in average with better commitment and performance of course :green_heart:

Hope you guys can approve and understand cc @Alex_J @johanga


of course, @derymars @Arkur , my suggestion is not the insisting and not the final word in this discussion :pray:

highly appreciate your openness and attention to your work! looking forward to meeting your report after these months :green_heart:

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Of course, all things can be discussed as long as they have clear reasons, right? :laughing:

btw I love this quote:

Sure, appreciate your guidance :green_heart:

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Happy to approve $4400 for two months November, December.

We need more AMAs with Ecosystem projects and regional Communities.


Thank you Elliot