[Approved] Aurora Latam January - February

Guild Name
Aurora Latam

Previous Proposal
[Approved] Aurora Latam (November - December)

Previous Report
[REPORT] Aurora Latam (November - December 2022)

Social Links

Goals & Metrics/KPIs to track results

  • Develop our Telegram Group to 900-1000 members (770 active members).
  • Develop our Twitter to 2750-3000 members (2200 followers).
  • Develop our Discord to 500 members (375 active members).
  • Collabs and contests with different Aurora communities, proyects, regional communities, local web3-communities, KOL’s.
  • Research Articles (16 deep dive analysis into Crypto & Aurora).
  • AMA & Workshops with exchanges, KOL´s and proyects (+16 AMAs & Workshops).
  • Kahoots (8 Quiz Games. Playing & Learning through games).


Activities Description Budget
Moderation Telegram, Twitter & Discord $1200
Marketing, Content Creation, Articles, Activities & Games Creation of content, Articles, contests, quizzes and daily management $1200
AMAs & Workshops w/ different communities, proyects & exchanges $1200
Giveaways w/ different communities, proyects & exchanges via Twitter, Telegram & Discord $1000
TOTAL $4600

- Monthly: $2300
- Total for 2 months (Jan-Feb): $4600

- Wallet: turco.near

To conclude
We want to thank everyone who makes this possible @ell @Alex_J @johanga @Dk_51. We are happy to keep working with this amazing community :heart:


happy to support for 3 months and more :sweat_smile: :blush:


Thank you for your proposal! Happy to support!


Your proposal is approved


Dear @Turco please wain an agreement on your email. Thanks!

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